RPG Blog Carnival: “Transitions and Transformations”

What is a blog carnival? It’s where bloggers mutually work on the same theme or topic for a month. This month we are proud to be the fifth host to the RPG Blog Carnival. Thanks to The Dice Bag for hosting last month’s Carnival about Religion.

We have decided that, given that this is the end of the year and a time for change from one year to the next, that this month’s theme will be “Transitions and Transformations.” Tackle anything in RPGs about transitions from one thing to the next, or any kind of transformation that occurs in RPGs.

How do you get in on the carnival? Just write a post around this month’s theme, then leave a comment on this post with a link back. At the end of the month, I’ll round up all the entries in another post. Then the carnival will move again! That’s all. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

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  1. My D&D 4e Character Sucks! How Do I Fix It? Read Article

    Samuel Van Der Wall´s last post: My D&D 4e Character Sucks! How Do I Fix It?

  2. Oooh I like it.
    *heads off to get his thinking hat*

    Bob´s last post: Only a few hours to go – November Blog Carnival

  3. Sorry about the two pingbacks above, I changed the URL / Post title because the fancy quotes were messing it up and it looks like re-saving it sent a second ping. The first one of the two won’t work now.

    Interesting Carnival topic, and I enjoyed writing my post!

  4. NICE! thanks for the bump! The topic for this month is JUICY!

    jonathan´s last post: The Last Day for Nominations! So, what’s next for the RPG Blog Anthology?

  5. Here you go: Japan, 2028.

  6. Personal reflections (long winded history?) on my transformations as an RPG’er from Holmes to 4e and back again, with a 20 year foray into CRPG’ing in between.


  7. Here’s my contribution this month:

    Moving Past Gamer ADD:


    Zachary´s last post: Moving Past Gamer ADD

  8. I figured I’d manually post this, as I’m not sure how trackbacks work.

    I wrote a brief article here:
    RPG Carnival – Transformations

    David´s last post: RPG Carnival – Transformations

  9. Here’s my entry for round 5 of the blog carnival. Thanks for hosting this rounds, guys!

    Dead Orcs´s last post: Blog Carnival: Round 5 — Coming Full Circle

  10. My first contribution for round 5.

    A role player is born: http://rpg.brouhaha.us/?p=183

  11. Here’s my entry, in case the bots don’t pick it up. http://revolution21days.blogspot.com/2008/12/hating-it-for-while-d-and-follies-of.html

    Oddysey´s last post: What am I doing with alignment?

  12. First time contributor!

    I talk about how a character builds a stronghold and becomes a magnanimous ruler.


    PatrickWR´s last post: Cold City Recap: We Were Playing It Wrong

  13. This is the Stirges Suck (“Druids, Transform and Roll Out”) guy. Sorry; pushed the wrong button and pingbacked you before the article was actually ready. It’ll be up soonish though.

  14. Took me long enough to report these. These two were deliberate Carnival-material, on the subject of learning leadership.



    I’m not sure these two count quite as much, but if you count travel as a transition, there’s this one:

    And here’s a riff on the transformation (or rather disappearance) of holidays: http://exchangeofrealities.today.com/2008/12/25/lost-holidays/

    Ravyn´s last post: Enlisting PCs for Betrayal


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