4th Edition Encounter Planner

Earlier this week I was talking to Asmor and idly mentioned to him how I was trying to make an Encounter Planner for 4th Edition that used the DMG encounter templates. I was hoping to have something where I input a level, choose a difficulty, and it outputs a list of the monsters that will fit into the templates.  I brought this up with Asmor because he’s already created a ton of 4E D&D tools that have helped me out as a DM on many occasions, such as the Monster Math Cruncher for creating custom monsters (something I love doing) which works great in combination with his Monster Maker program (which I definitely recommend using.)  He’s also created a 4th Edition Random Encounter generator and Random Treasure generator, both of which are excellent tools now that the random charts are no longer presented in the core books.  All of these tools are really well made, and extremely helpful for any 4e DM.

Well, sure enough, only a couple of days later and he’s sent me a link to his new 4th Edition Encounter Planner, which does pretty much exactly what I wanted it to!  I haven’t gotten to use it to maximum effectiveness yet in my game, but I will be for future encounters that I want to design using the DMG templates, and it will definitely be a time-saver.  Thanks to Asmor for creating it, and hopefully some of you enjoy it as well!

You can see a full list of the scripts and programs he has created over at his site.  Also don’t forget to check out his great site, Encounter-A-Day!


  1. I heartily Support Asmor’s work and suggest that people who appreciate it send him some Amazon love… he has a ‘donate’ button on his page. I know I gave him a little something a few weeks ago.

  2. Holy cripes that’s nice! Thanks! 😀

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  3. Amazing stuff. I’m looking forward to use some of the generators in my next 4th ed game. Less prep on number means more prep on plots, so my players will enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for the links!

  4. I totally love Asmor’s stuff too 🙂

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  5. In lieu of donations, perhaps people could design some new encounter templates for me to put up there? It’s kind of anemic, since there were only 5 in the DMG and 2 of them (Dragon’s Den and Wolf Pack) weren’t worth implementing.

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  6. BTW, it’s worth mentioning since it’s not obvious: If you can run the Monster Maker, you don’t need the math cruncher at all. All the functionality of the math cruncher has been built into the Monster Maker for a while now. The math cruncher thus is only really necessary if you’re not using Windows.

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  7. Great work as usual, Asmor. I’ll give a look-around, see if I can’t draft up a few of those encounter templates for you. Great tool, it’s gonna cut a load of time out of a lot of people’s preparations!

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  8. I’m very glad that others enjoy Asmor’s work as much as I do, and along with Phil I very much promote people giving donations to him worth at least as much as the time he’s saved all of us on DMing.

    I’m working on some new encounter templates that I’ll be posting here shortly!