Supers Carnival Roundup!

Hello, I’m Chatty DM, your host for last month’s RPG Blog Carnival.  It was quite a month for Super Heroic RPG blog goodness let me tell you.

So here’s my digest!

Things started out with my good friend Greywulf where he picked some Supers Tropes (Alternate Origins, Costumes, Group names, Base of Operations, etc) and saw how to apply them to D&D.:

Greywulf then made a few Super Renders:

He later returned to visiting Super Fantasy with a post on Secret IDs

Stargazer also explored Super Fantasy tropes (a recurring theme this month BTW) in

I did something in the same vein:

And so did A Butterfly Dreaming:

Chris of 6d6 fireball discussed animal-based superheroes as covered by Palladium’s Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle RPG:

Donny the DM chimed in by discussing how some of House of Blooded’s game mechanics could be used in D&D to simulate Superpowers:

The Fistful of Comics Podcast proposed a series called ‘Superhero Summit’ about Supers in RPGs:

The Geek Emporium gave us 3 super servings:

Critical Hits Posted about the paradox of having Tank PCs in a group with Squishy Psions.

They also posted musing about applying the Watchmen/Dark Knight Returns/The Incredibles tropes (i.e. Superheroes are forcefully retired) to D&D (All adventurers have been retired by society):

The Book of Rev chimed with 6 (yes 6!) posts :

The Call of the Dungeon posted 3 articles on the subject:

Zach Houghton reposted his review of the Truth & Justice RPG:

Stargazer posted a second article about playing a Superhero campaign without using some of the most common tropes:

Gomez over at Paper & Plastic posted about his Supers campaign he GMed:

NiTessine posted about Godlike, his favorite Supers game ever:

Ravyn over at Exchange of Realities tackled  the subject with her take on the Secret Identity trope:

A Butterfly Dreaming posts another article that muses about the elements that come in the making of a hero:

Followed by a funny post on some Strange Superpowers by the same author:

The Dice Bag reminisces about a game where some players wanted Sci-Fi and the GM wanted Supers… the group settled on Cyberpunk:

The innimitable Berin Kinsman invited his readers to submit Superhero Haikus:

He followed this post with A campaign idea about retired Heroes being asked by a former Nemesis to check on his kid’s bad frequentation:

He finishes his trio of article with an article about Prcedural Crime investigation in Gotham City.  The PCs are not Superheroes, but thier investigation are affected by the existance of suprahumans:

And finally, Joshua from Tales of the Rambling Bumblers closes off this voluminous Carnival with an article where he reminisces about past Supers campaigns:

Edit: I forgot to add one, Szilard’s article on using Super Hero tropes in other genres:

This has been quite a month!  (And this is a lot more work than I expected!)

November’s Blog Carnival is about Religion, find out more here.


  1. That’s one awesome list of superhero’in goodness! Well done Phil, and kudos to everyone who took part. Now, onto the next Carnival 😀

  2. BRAVO!!! Excellent link love goodness!

    jonathans last blog post..RPG Blog Anthology Update – More Free Loot For You!

  3. Fixed! So sorry!

  4. Nicely done Phil! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!

    Tomcat1066s last blog post..And The Winner Is…

  5. Thanks man, I’m proud of the result. that was quite a good Carnival Month. 37 posts!

  6. I know this won’t receive a favorable reaction, but I’m starting to feel there may need to be some control on the number of posts a single person/blog can contribute to one carnival. I certainly don’t want to stifle participation, or people’s motivation to write about topics, but to me the recap post is less effective when it has “here are these 5 posts by the same person for this one topic”, I actually end up glazing over ALL of them and look for the single posts per blog instead. Not sure if I’m alone on this one or not?

    Bartoneuss last blog post..Review: The Witcher – Enhanced Edition

  7. That’s one of the reasons why I edited the post to actually mention what each post is about.

    As usual Danny, who would do the control and how can that be enforced and respected? I’d rather let the quality of the writing and the titles of the post do the work.

    If your eyes glazed over, chances are you weren’t the target of this.

    Hey Rev, Danny hates your stuff!!


  8. Control: a maximum # of posts per carnival per blog as a rule, enforcement is only needed if people don’t comply to rule.

    I’m not saying this is a huge concern right now, but if things progress the way they are I can see it becoming one. Just wanted to put it out there, not saying it should be done, just seeing if anyone else had the same feelings.

    Bartoneuss last blog post..Review: The Witcher – Enhanced Edition

  9. Not sure about the hole carnival theme, period…

    I mean having different take on the same subject is nice but not sure that all blog talking about the same thing at the same time is good though.

    The nice part about having so many blogger is the diversity. If every one talks about the same topic each day. You loose that which makes you strong and I think you’ll loose readership by saturating them on a topic.

    Especially if you do this often.

    My 2 cents


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