Inq. of the Week: Presidential Election

Last week, we wanted to find out which of the wonderful pile of games that have just come out you’re planning on buying. The big winner, and I have to agree that it’s a must-buy, is Fallout 3 with 65% of the voters. Second place is Fable 2, recently reviewed here. In third, since our WoW crowd seems to be diminishing, is Wrath of the Lich King. I personally haven’t bought any of the new games on the list because my Xbox 360 started refusing to read disks, and I prefer to play the games I buy instead of just smelling them. So hopefully I’ll replace that soon, and get to enjoy some of these great titles around Xmas-time.

It’s everywhere this week: the Presidential election. While not all of our readers are US citizens, I’m sure the election coverage spills out over the world. So in that spirit, we thought we’d conduct our own informal presidential poll:

[poll id="100"]

In case you’re somehow unfamiliar with the candidates, full descriptions after the break:


Party: Democrat
VP: Batman
Slogan: “The weak must be protected above all else.”
Pros: Charismatic, good speaker, portrayed very well in the media
Cons: Questions about his heritage and status as a US citizen. Potentially has embarrassing middle name between “Kal” and “El” 

VP: Iron Man
Slogan: “The enemies of America will not prevail.”
Pros: War hero, experience dating back to the 40′s
Cons: Older and potentially out of touch with current technology and trends


Party: Green
VP: Green Lantern
Slogan: “Let’s drive those fat cats out of Washington”

Party: Libertarian
VP: Red Sonya
Slogan: “Drive our enemies before us and hear the lamentations of their women. Also, no taxes on loot.” 

Party: Independent
VP: Nite Owl
Slogan: “No compromise, even in the face of Armageddon.” 

Party: Elder Sign
VP: Dagon
Slogan: “Why settle for the lesser of two evils?”

No matter who you vote for here, make sure to get out tomorrow and vote where it counts!

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  1. TheMainEvent says:

    Its also embarrassing that Captain America was recently killed by event precipitate by Iron Man, some definite issues in the unity of that ticket!

    I worry about the discord between the Green party candidates as well…

  2. I’m for the Colbert-Spiderman ticket, meself…

    Reverend Mike´s last post: Demotivational Monday: Rev Becomes A Caption Monkey

  3. Sucilaria says:

    roflcopters, all the way :) Though I didn’t vote for Rorschach, I admit that his decisions, especially toward the end of Watchmen, were incredibly moving and noble.

    I’m also glad that you and I were on the same page with Capt. America’s description :P

  4. Write In Potentials:
    Borg Queen / Bill Gates
    Tempus / The Red Knight

  5. Conan the Libertarian FTW!

  6. if Cthulhu wants to win, he’s going to win. He can make Iron-man’s artsy fartsy head explode while he dreas in his city of Ry’leah

    Mike Shea´s last post: Fable 2 and Buying Incomplete Unfinished Games

  7. My first reaction is to berate you about making Captain America a republican candidate, particularly with Tony Stark as his running mate…

    Christ, did you read the Civil War storyline at all?

    Of course, that’s just my first reaction.

    My second reaction is, “God I’m a nerd.”

    Asmor´s last post: Dynamic Domains: The Forest

  8. Asmor: You’re thinking of some comic book characters. I’m talking about the real things :)

  9. While Cthulhu has a lot of potential…

    Batman in the office would rule everyone’s ass…

  10. Asmor: “My first reaction is to berate you about making Captain America a republican candidate, particularly with Tony Stark as his running mate…

    Christ, did you read the Civil War storyline at all?”

    It’s not about whether or not we’ve read the Civil War storyline, it’s more about if you think something like the Superhuman Registration Act would be more a republican or democrat idea. That’s a much larger debate, but I’d hesitate throwing around assumptions like that so quickly.

  11. WilliamPall says:

    Civil War? What’s the Civil War got to do with Captain America. I didn’t think he came around until WWII. You telling me there was a Super Soldier program back in the 1860′s?

  12. The Civil War storyline was a Marvel crossover that wasn’t very good which put Captain America against Iron Man over a Super Human Registration Act.

    Again, it wasn’t very good, mainly because it involved two of the smartest men in the Marvel Universe (Reed Richards and Tony Stark) making horribly stupid decisions and not really caring when they turned out badly.

  13. Damn, looked at my notes today, and I was going to have an Admiral Ackbar / Gelatinous Cube ticket (It’s a Trap Party). Oh well, he’ll have to try again in 2012.


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