Inq. of the Week: Favorite Undead?

Last week, since they started charging for it, we asked how many of you were planning on buying D&D Insider. Surprisingly (to me), the highest group was among those who would be paying the fee to get Dragon and Dungeon back (in digital form) and who play D&D 4e. A close second, however, was those who play 4e but aren’t planning on buying. Third place a tie between those of you who don’t play 4e and those of you who aren’t sure. 4 of you voted that you don’t play 4e but will buy D&DI, presumably because you’re looking for inspiration or you just wanted to spite Reverend Mike.

Since it’s close enough to Halloween, and I just ran an adventure about a Ghost Tower, I ask:

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  1. Zombies, because of their inextinguishable thirst for knowledge…

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  2. It should be fairly obvious what my favourite is…

  3. Death Knights. An undead dude walking around with a weapon and uniform. It’s almost like a firefighter, but the only flame they seek to extinguish is your life’s.

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  4. Zombies! Because there’s always a good cause to throw them to your players.

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  5. The Wight, because they are the most Pun-erific undead.

    I mean Wight Supremacists? Wight Dragons? Barry Wight?

    Hell I even had Wight Knights in a game!

  6. TheMainEvent says:

    @ Chatty: Wow, the sheer volume of second language puns you just rattled off shows you clearly have the Wight stuff.


    Hecuva’s are good for the jokes, but they’re more a one trick pony.

  7. GHOULS! Because they are so damn polite at the dinner table and… they have their own Empire didn’t you know?! Oh… actually i mean… their own Kingdom…


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  8. Revenants: A Revenant is an intelligent undead that still retains all his memories of life. He comes back as an undead long enough to avenge his death if he was killed wrongfully.

    As a DM you could use the Revenant in one of two ways I see. You could use them to get back at that PC who felt the need to cut a few corners buy the timely death of an NPC.

    You could also use the Revenant as a way to get a Player Character who just died as a way to get in one final mission from that PC before his demise.

  9. I’d have to agree with CF, Death Knights are my favorite “generic” undead creature, though I surely prefer creating new ones that fit my stories perfectly.

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  10. Liches and vampires are definitely going to win this one since DMs love them as BBEGs and they have inherent staying power, especially the lich (f***ing phylacterys)…

    Also, thanks for the bump!…

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  11. I only picked undead that were in the 4e Monster Manual, and then narrowed it down to what I perceived the top 10 most recognizable were, though apparently I should have included Death Knight. (Lord Soth became one, right?)

    I fully expected while putting the poll together to have The O leave a comment saying “You forgot to include Heckuva”

  12. Ahem….oh how little you know me game. I selected “other” because you forgot the most important undead creature ever created. I, of course, speak of the ATROPAL! ::cues epic prairie dog::

  13. I voted for Wraith because something has always seemed really creepy and cool to me about them. I don’t think I ever had a painful level-draining experience in earlier editions with one, just the concept of them is something I really like. A void of life, physically appearing as a whispy black cloud, that drains the life essence from whoever it touches.

  14. Someone actually voted for the ghost?…

    *sigh*…I have been proven wrong yet again…

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  15. OriginalSultan says:

    Ghouls, with zombie coming in a close second. I love how in 3e Ghouls had like a 16 charisma. “Well, I know you’re undead & stuff, but you make a persuasive argument. We’ll join you.”

  16. I’m disappointed to see liches and vampires in the lead. It’s like saying the superpower you’d want most is the ability to fly. Boring!

  17. @Todd

    Obviously, you’ve never fought a Druid Lich. Somewhat more interesting, those.

    I’m going to have to go specific, however, and cast my vote for Vecna.

    Though the Blazing Skeleton (Developer: “What’s worse than a skeleton?” — Designer: “Oooh! A skeleton that’s on fire!” — Developer: “Uh… sure.”) is a close second.

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  18. Lich that keeps up the appearance of life, appears as a mortal, surmountable villain, either as a noble or wizard = fun when the players kill him, only to see him again, and again, and again with little effort. also fun when they try to coup de grace him and he laughs at them.

  19. drachnon says:

    I voted other because though Ghost was also an option for me.
    The reason I chose other was because Crypt Things aren’t in there, I love their get off my property power :P You have to max their HD to make them any sort of challenge for PC’s though (I also like to add templates too them like Evolved or Spell Stitched).


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