Inq. of the Week: Gamers Get Some

If you’re playing 4th edition, you want to be selling your soul for dark powers. The Warlock came out on top of last week’s poll asking what your favorite 4e class is. The new, improved Rogue comes in second, fueled by stabby stabby. The Fighter is a close third, with the other new class Warlord falling right after that. Laser clerics and no longer always-LG Paladins come in at the bottom.

As I observe my D&D games in the present day, and compare them to the games of yore in high school and college, the biggest difference that has to be taken into account is how many people in the game are married. While jobs and other committments that come with being a “grown-up” (something I haven’t mastered yet) are often the reason for difficulties, the responsibilities of being a husband/wife factor into everything when planning and putting together games. Plus, just take a look at ChattyDM’s thread on people’s reactions to your RPG hobby and see how many people talk about the role of a significant other in their gaming, and you’ll see what I mean.

Thus I ask…

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  1. I’m married with a semi-gamer but fully-gamer friendly woman. Bless her! πŸ™‚

  2. My wife isn’t a gamer, but was an English major, so she loves stories and such. She is a big help when it comes to making new games.

    Avaril’s last post: On Dungeons, Dragons, and Devoutness

  3. My husband is pretty good about not impeding my gaming habits, especially when it involves Assassin’s Creed. He’ll even play Mario Kart with me sometimes, but I have to play a little easy so he won’t feel so bad.

    He is really biased against certain Final Fantasies, though…but we’re making it work, one day at a time.

    <3 πŸ˜‰

  4. On a more sincere note, I’d just like to say how truly, truly blessed I am to have such a wonderful man in my life. πŸ™‚

  5. Is this where I point out that Managing Editors have the power to go in and edit comments to make them say whatever he wants? πŸ™‚

  6. I am of the “A Gamer who doesn’t fit into the above categories” category. I guess I’m technically single, but I’m being used for sex.

  7. I have a gamer-friendly wife who did a short stint in an In Nomine game, when we were dating, to understand what it was all about. She also did a weekend trip to Origins one year.

    After that, she told me that she now understood my hobby, and that while she was not going to play, and peruse other hobbies, that she got it and that it was all cool.

    DNAphil’s last post: Weekend Update– 22Sep2008

  8. I’m married to Sucilaria, and will refrain from editting her comments. πŸ˜€

  9. On the borderline between single and relationship…and with a girl who’s into all the anime/D&D/gaming stuff!…finally!…

    I’m in a great spot right now…or at least comparatively better than being with a cocaine addict…not fun…

    Though, I do have some funny stories to tell now…

    Reverend Mike’s last post: The Second Party: A Prelude

  10. Speaking of funny stories…

    My boy, Corbin, proposed to a girl (well, at least in character) on WoW once…she accepted the ring and the online ceremony was planned…Corbin tailored up the clothes and invited a bunch of his guild buddies…and she stood him up on the day of…I believe he shouts angrily at her whenever she’s online…

    Shame to see avatar relationships fall apart like that…

    Reverend Mike’s last post: The Second Party: A Prelude

  11. Rev: I take it it’s an RP server and not a PVP server then, otherwise, revenge can be swift!

  12. Gamer with gamer wife. Though she’s not as dedicated to it as I am, it was her idea that I should go to Gen Con.

  13. Go Blumpkin! Very nice!

    joshx0rfz´s last post: This s**t is EPIC!

  14. I’m in the same situation at ChattyDM.

    Also, Game, there are RP-PVP servers in WoW now as well. Oh how god-awful are they are as well.

    The O´s last post: Follow the Yellow Cat Road

  15. I’m single and not interested in relationships at this point of life…

  16. Married gamer with a wife who’s been a gamer in the past and would like to get involved again in the future (she says anyways). Good times πŸ˜‰

  17. Married – my husband is a gamer too πŸ™‚

  18. Virgil Vansant says:

    Gamer with a gamer-friendly wife with geeky tendencies. She is addicted to Heroes and Mario Kart, and is willing to give RPGs a try some day.

  19. I’m a girl gamer happily in love with a boy gamer! YAY!

    Geek’s Dream Girl´s last post: DM Software Tools: Encounter Manager by Anubisware, Beta


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