YouTube of the Week: Let me tell you about my dire shark game Edition

Hey, this board game that the esteemed Tom Vasel reviews here sounds pretty good, and it’s about a shark the size of a person chasing and biting limbs. How’s that for a coincidence that this game would have a video review posted during Dire Shark Week?

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  1. Man, that does sound like a fun game…but whoever designed it has a stupid name…Chalker, pfft…what kind of name is that?…


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  2. I think “Chalker” is Ancient Nordic for “Devastatingly Handsome.”

  3. TheMainEvent says:

    What idiot didn’t make the cards have numbers on both sides? And what faceless corporation managed to NOT include a shark in a shark game??

  4. I actually played that a few weeks ago at the Salem Gamers Group. Fun game!

  5. I like that it can be child friendly if you call the figures “robots”, but honestly I’ve never thought of them as anything other than people. Now that I think about it, I should have suggested calling the game “Robots vs. Shark”, though Get Bit has proven to be a very accurate name as I can explain how to play the game without saying the title several times…

  6. My son loves it and we do call them robots! 🙂

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  8. OriginalSultan says:

    Hopefully just one of many successful games designed by our very own The Game.