Critical Hits Podcast #2: Valerie Putman explains Dominion

Dominion is a new card game coming out from Rio Grande Games, but is still in prototype form at the show. This was a highly praised game at this year’s Gathering and is generating quite a lot of early buzz- and for good reason. I’ll give a more indepth preview later, but for now, here’s Valerie Putman (developer of Dominion and Boardgamenews Columnist) explaining the rules.

Critical Hits Podcast 2

And if that hasn’t satisfied enough of your curiousity, Dale Yu (the other developer) and Valerie posted a preview on Boardgamenews.

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  1. Dominion: The Shuffling

    totally enjoyable game that gives the experience of TCG play without ever having to spend dozens of hours and dollars building your deck.

  2. There is a LOT of shuffling in it.

    I’ll be posting a preview of the game to better give an overview… but for now, back to games!

  3. SO I totaly misread that title as

    Valerie Putman explains DOMINATION


  4. William shubert says:

    Every time I try to download this, it stalls at EXACTLY 20%. Every time. I try again every few days, always exactly the same result.

    What is going on here? Anybody else get this?