Inq. of the Week: Campaign to a Close

Last week, the question was asked, and you answered: 64% use the wheel attachment when playing Mario Kart, while 36% use some other form of control to guide Bowser off the edge of the haunted house level. I haven’t gotten to play as much Mario Kart as I’d like, but the wheel is definitely my favorite way to go. It’s probably more effective to use the Game Cube and do all sorts of power slides and whatnot, but damn if it isn’t fun to move that wheel all over the place. The disadvantage is that now I try to move the wheel all over the place when driving my real car, and I’ve yet to find the button to launch turtle shells at the other drivers.

Yesterday, I wrapped up my D&D campaign. It had been running since last August on a fairly regular basis, and from its inception it was designed to wrap-up just before fourth edition came out. Well, that’s behind me now, and other than a few one-shots this summer, I’m fairly confidant that I’m done with 3.5. (As evidenced by some of the stuff in yesterday’s game, not a moment too soon.)

As it came to a conclusion, I relied upon a lot of advice from other GMs on how to end the campaign. I haven’t had a chance to end a campaign in a few years, and that wasn’t even D&D. I always like being able to wrap things up and give a satisfying conclusion to the game… even if I do eventually revisit the world.

So, for you RPG players and GMs out there…

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And I mean games that you would actually consider campaigns, leaving aside one-shots and mini-series that run on a relatively short time frame.

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  1. I started to count so that I could answer my own poll:

    1. AD&D 2e game player (Urt 2)
    2. AD&D 2e game player (Urt 3)
    3. AD&D 2e DM (Book 1)
    4. AD&D 2e DM (Book 2)
    5. GURPS (Highway to Nowhere #1)
    6. D&D 3e DM (Book 4)
    7. D&D 3e player (1st college game)
    8. D&D 3e player (Dragocracy)
    9. D&D 3e player (Pyrocracy)
    10. Call of Cthulhu d20 (Conspiracy University 1)
    11. D&D 3.5e player (last college game)
    12. Wheel of Time d20 (The Prophecies of the Dragon)
    13. D&D 3.5 DM (Scales of Justice)

    I’m sure my friends will jump in here to remind me of any I missed.

  2. GURPS IOU is one big one that you left out, though arguably it NEVER ends, there was some kind of an ending and the nightmares eventually stopped…

  3. TheMainEvent says:

    If you look at my games you were involved in we had the first finale (with Chris heel turn) and then the second finale (run at the Sean’s lake house where you might not have been physically present). After having finished the list, sorry for the list of the length of the post.

    As for my own:
    1. AD&D 2nd Ed. Player (Urt III)
    2. AD&D 2nd Ed. Player (Urt IV)
    3. AD&D 2nd Ed. DM (Dark Sun I)
    4. AD&D 2nd Ed. DM (Dark Sun Grand Change)
    5. D&D 3rd Ed. DM (The Shining Kingdom Campaign: Sunset)
    6. D&D 3rd Ed. DM (The Shining Kingdom Campaign: Night)
    7. D&D 3rd Ed. DM (The Shining Kingdom Campaign: Dawn)
    8. D&D 3rd Ed. DM (The Shining Kingdom Campaign: High Noon- at college)
    D&D 3rd Ed. DM (The Shining Kingdom Campaign: Ride The Apocalypse)
    9. D&D 3rd Ed. Player (college)
    10. AD&D 2nd Ed. Player (Book I)
    11. AD&D 2nd Ed. Player (Book II)
    12 D&D 3rd Ed. Player (Book IV)
    13. GURPS Player (Highway to Nowhere I)
    14. Star Wars (West End Games: New Republic)
    15. D&D 3rd Ed. Player (New Rome)

  4. Reverend Mike says:

    I’ve only had 2 games come to an intentional close…although I expect that number will jump to 3 once the current 3.5 game that’s being run comes to a close…

  5. Hmm, I recall having a finale for GURPS IOU, but the game running for a while afterwards, so I didn’t count that as having finished. I could be mistaken however.

    I was also there for the Cleric betraying the party, so there’s definitely at least 14.

    (And hopefully, many more to come)

  6. We could never get people to meet contstantly over the course of a month. People get side quested- er, side tracked by other engagments.

    It was like we chose to start a campaign on the one weekend where we didnt’ have anthing else to do, it lasts for a few weeks (if we’re lucky) then ends.

    Now I’m faced with the problem of finding players in Southwest Wyoming. Which let me tell you, is void of all life.

  7. J: Yeah, I’ve had quite a few campaigns scuttled because of scheduling issues. In fact, with rare exception, I’d say that a canceled game was a sure indicator that the campaign was done.

    It’s become increasingly more difficult to schedule campaigns since getting out of college. At one point I was in 4 games simultaneously! (and all but one had finales)

    Sorry to hear about the Wyoming situation. You’d think that there wouldn’t be much else going on there, and they’d flock to something like D&D.

  8. OriginalSultan says:

    @ TheMainEvent

    Don’t forget the D&D 3.0 Three paths / Age of Discovery game. You DM’d that one.

    I voted for 6-9, but now that I see all of the games listed by The Game and TheMainEvent (most of which I played in) I should have voted for 10+.

  9. Sultan: I just used magic to change your vote.

  10. TheMainEvent says:

    Use magic on my vote too to 10+. Current count 16…

    @OS: What were the three paths again? I’m so ashamed I forgot them. I do remember the Adventure’s Dream, Darlatan, all of the dragon zaniness, Albert as the King of Fantasy England (replete with Excalibur), my DPC bard-varian (Warlock, but think Jedi) and the everyone’s ‘uber-feats.’

  11. I would say that I’m in the 6-9 range, because I either wasn’t around for a lot of those games or was only involved in them rarely and so don’t count it. Still, that many completed campaigns is great and I’m very happy that I’ve gotten to be in so many.

  12. OriginalSultan says:

    @ MainEvent

    The paths were 1) path of benevolence, 2) path of freedom, 3) path of power. All of the players were able to choose one path about half-way through the game. Because of this, the game was nicknamed ‘The Tri-force Campaign’ for a while. Now it is referred to more commonly as the Age of Discovery campaign.

    That was the game where I played a French Paladin and Jeremy played a Hobgoblin Evil Paladin. Good times.

  13. TheMainEvent says:

    After I put up the post I thought those were the paths… I do remember the characters played. I think the Hobgoblin started off as something else but was killed/tortured/rescued and made use of the RARE blackguard retroactive paladin level rules.

    Also in the climax Justin’s Wizard died b/c his toad familiar got crushed and Adam opted to kill Neil’s character for a permanent level gain (Akuma was definitely path of power).


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