La Ville est Hockey (The City is Hockey)

After 15 years without a Stanley Cup win, Montreal is going bonkers over its own team.

I’m no big Hockey fan but I too am succumbing to the fever.

I’m therefore throwing a challenge to the geek blogsphere.

Any Boston Bruins fan Bloggers reading this?

If you are, I bet that the Habs will win the 1s round of the series against them.

If I win, I ask any people who took up the challenge to post a logo of the Canadien on a blog post on the day after the win and congratulate them fair and square.

If I lose I’ll put up the Boston Logo and write a congratulations post myself.

I’ll do this as long as our team is in the race.

Any takers?

You don’t have a blog?  Heck, I’ll lend you mine!

(Thanks for the idea Yan)


  1. I only have one things to say…

    GO! HABS! GO!


  2. 4 Don Cherrys have approved this message!

  3. I survived the recent 10 years of sucking by the Canadiens. I’m really pumped about this year for the Habs. I’ll double Chatty’s suggestion and do the same thing on if somehow the Bruins win.

    Yax’s last blog post..D&D Monday morning speedlinking

  4. Fuck the Habs!

    Go Jets Go! Go Jets Go!

  5. Weee the Jets!

    Go ahead and post that logo on your blog!


  6. Here’s my 2 cents:

    Nah nah naaah nah, Nah nah naaah nah, Heeeeyy-heh, Goodbye!


  7. Seeing as you don’t appear to have any Bruins fans, I will step up to the plate. I don’t care much about any sport, but I grew up near Boston and will gladly be the fan of the “home” team. 🙂

    Geek’s Dream Girl’s last blog post..Diary of a Drow, Day 20 (morning)

  8. Something tells me the city will spontaneously combust tonight!