CommentLuv Plugin Activated

I’ve seen it on a few blogs and I must say I liked it a lot.

I just installed the CommentLuv plugin that basically checks the URL of a commenter and tries to recover a link to the latest blog post of that commenter to add it at the end of a comment.

I think this a great way to showcase the content of other blogger’s posts… and it gives the commenter the option to not link if they don’t wish to advertise.

(Maybe like people who don’t update their blogs all that often…. )

I hope you like it.


  1. An interesting idea. I am posting to see if it works with my blog, since it is not a “standard” software package.


  2. I luv commentLuv comments.

    I think I’ll install it on my blog too.

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  3. Interesting. I wonder how well it works.

  4. Fun! Some other blog I comment on has this, but it doesn’t work for me…. I wonder if it’ll work here. πŸ™‚

    Edit: YAY! It did!

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  5. @Trask: I won’t work in some more esoteric platforms like Wiki-based blogs and such.

    @ Joe C.: Welcome on the blog… Hmmm, it doesn’t seem to work for you.

    From the plugin’s homepage:

    The CommentLuv WordPress Plugin will visit the feed of the comment author and attempt to scrape the last post they made and display it under their comment, this way you can encourage people to join in the discussion of your posts and give something back straight away.

    The plugin looks for a feed in the default location of your blog, for WordPress users this will be /feed/ or /?feed=rss, blogspot users get /feeds/posts/default, web-log blogs are now included thanks to Edward De Leau. If it can’t find a feed there then it will search your part of your website for an alternate link (<link rel="alternate") and use that instead.

    The plugin retrieves your last post at the time of the comment being posted and appends the extra text just before the comment gets saved to the database, this way it doesn't put any extra load on the database or server other than the effort required add another 60 or so characters to the comment content.

    @Yax: Copycat! I’ll still win you know… πŸ™‚

    @e: Yay indeed!

  6. It occurs to me that if this works, it might find blogs that I’ve forgotten about. πŸ™‚ I doubt it will, though…

    (edit) Nah, didn’t think it would. Which is probably for the best, trust me – if you’d ever read anything I’d written, you’d agree that forcing anyone else to do so probably constitutes a violation of the Geneva Convention against cruel and unusual punishment. πŸ˜‰

  7. You doubt it will work or that it will find blogs you forgot about? πŸ˜‰

    The RPG crowd of commenters navigates around a few concentric RPG/Geek Blog circles that isin’t all that large yet (but it’s growing).

    Like I see you on Shamus’ blog quite a lot and I learned today that you were from Down Under! Can I trade you a Foster’s for a Molson?

  8. I doubt that it will find any of my blogs – and indeed it doesn’t. πŸ™‚

    I am indeed from Down Under, and sure – if you want Aussie beer I can get you some. Drop me an email with an address to send it to.

  9. Oh that’s because you wrote none of your blogs in the ‘Website’ part of the comment form… that’s needed to start the Blog post hunt.

    I’ll contact you by email to start a beer exchange!

  10. Good idea Phil, it’s all about the community and their experiences.

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  11. Bah! Nobody in Australia actually drinks Fosters.

    Seriously, when they found out about that commercial, my aussie friends all said “Wait, THAT’s what we’re known for? It couldn’t even be a GOOD beer?”

    Phil – it didn’t find mine, either. And my blog is right on my website root.

  12. That’s something I just have to try for my blog..

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  13. And will this work? BTW, you could also use the plug in that gets Gravatars as icons for everybody on (and many others)

  14. Sounds like a great idea…

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  15. @Andy: Thanks, that really what I want to build a community OF MINIONS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD MWA HA HA HA!…

    Oops.. sorry, got carried away, moving on.

    @Karsten: Hey it worked in your 1st comment! As for the Gravatar plugin, unless I misunderstand you, it is already installed. It’s just that if you don’t register one over at, Shamus Young’s Wavatar plugin steps in and generates a unique smiley for you.

    That way I can recognize you all πŸ™‚

    @Sam: I really like it so far… pity that it’s somewhat buggy and doesn’t work for all.

  16. Very cool!

    I’m wondering – do you host your own blog from your house? Do you have a physical sever, virtual machine? Just curious.

    I use Google’s blogger but have been thinking about doing something a bit more flexible.


    Michael Natale’s last blog post..Doctor Who, Torchwood and BSG

  17. @MichaelN: I started over at Blogger (the blog i still around at but after having issues with spamming and with the growth of the readership, I decided to get an account for a Hosting company (

    For 6$ a month I have my own domain name, 300 GB of space, 3 terabytes of Bandwidth and more SQL databases that I’ll probably ever need.

    The catch? I had to pay 2 full years in advance (so about 175$ give or take).

    So I basically installed WordPress on that space (the host provides a one-click install) and the forum software. All the images I use since I moved in November are stored on the host’s server.

    I’d suggest you give WordPress a look on If you want the most flexibility, hosting your own is best. But it costs money. Blogger and based blogs are free.

  18. I’ve got a link but no blog, so here’s to curiosity. πŸ™‚

    nope, as expected.

  19. Awwww it didnt work….

    Still a generator page is always a nice ressource to go by… I’ll add it to my extended blogroll.

  20. A Truly good idea.

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  21. Maikl: I’ll add you to my extended blogroll too!

  22. Alas, I am not getting any love from this one, even after switching my website to my blogger mirror.

  23. This is great, commentluv is my favourite plugin. Since I’ve installed it i get a lot of related quality comments on my blog and it really motivates people to comment a lot! I like it πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this tip and for sharing the luv with commentluv πŸ˜‰