It’s time to move on…

I think many of you saw the signs in the last few days… longer periods between posts, a few personal posts about blogging vs real life and general funkyness.

Well after thinking about it long and hard, I’ve decided that it’s time I moved on to more productive things. So I’m going to start writing guest posts for Internet Marketing and Management Coaching sites. That way, I can start actually getting paid for all that work! I’ve had a few offers lined up to give it a try for a month, if that doesn’t work… I could always start a new religion.

Never fear though, I’m not leaving you alone! I’ve sold the blog to PM and Graham. They decided to take over, using my nascent online popularity to launch a new anime webcomic!

Using the fact that every gamer is also an anime fan, they should have a perfect pre-made fanbase. I am confident they will go far, and they have made me a moderately wealthy man with their offer… well at least I’ll get a Xbox 360 and Rock Band out of those last 6 months of work.

Here’s a preview of their work (Click to enlarge)…

you got to admire the strength of their writing and the finesse of their characterization.

All right, thanks everyone, I had a lot of fun and you were all absolutely fantastic…

P.S.: Don’t ask me to translate… look it up on Babel Fish… it ought to be entertaining…


  1. This hurts my soul. I don’t even care what the date is. My soul is now crying in a corner because of you.


  2. Il sera regrettable de vous voir aller Phil. I cependant, attendent avec intΓ©rΓͺt le nouveau webcomic.

  3. Hot Damn John, I’m impressed! I should have posted the whole message in French!!!


  4. I have just checked myself in an anime rehab center. Hopefully, the damage will not be permanent.

  5. Mon secret, il est . . . poissons de Babel

  6. Aww and there I was imagining you taking all these French cinema classes in college and picking up chicks with your faux French accent.

    Bonjour mademoiselle, je suis Jean Arcadian… sounds debonnaire (which incidentally literally means “of good air”!

  7. I recently accepted a position as master of the world btw πŸ™‚

  8. So cool Buzz, do you have any openings in your PR department for some soon to be out of work Magnificent Bastard Overlord?


  9. It turns out WotC is shipping copies of all three 4E core books today to those that pre-ordered, so you’re getting out of the business too early. Looking at my new MM, apparently gnomes were removed from the basic races for a reason: the introduction of gnome-dragons (favored class: bard). Looks like a I have a new BBEG for the 4E campaign! Who wants to roll up some players?

  10. Gnome-Dragons! Do they come from the ruined city of Gnome-regon?

  11. PW: You gotta keep up with the newest updates, man! Gnomes are now robots!

  12. Greenvesper says:

    Gnomes are so versatile! In addition to the robotics, I think they also added a Word of Recall effect as one of their abilities. They just have to click their heels and mutter
    “There’s no race like gnomes… There’s no race like gnomes…”

  13. Ah April 1st, got quite a few people trying to be silly in the spur of the moment. πŸ˜›

  14. I for one love this day… you can’t trust anything you read on the net today!

    Not that other days is any better… at least today people expect the BS.

  15. Dave T. Game sez: “You gotta keep up with the newest updates, man! Gnomes are now robots!”

    That is so that the upcoming new race, Tinkerorcs, will have something to fix…

  16. NOOOoooooo!!! Dont leave me alone, My Lord!!!!
    What will i do? WHAT will i doooooo!!!!

  17. You got me.
    I hope your eyes are still burning from my blog.

  18. Ah Phil, you probably would have had more people fooled if you perhaps went off on a rant against dnd 4e or something else completely unreasonable πŸ™‚

  19. The thing is I really didn’t want people to ‘fall’ for it… that’s not funny and soooo predictable.

    I wanted to be silly and Graham delivered such a juicily awesomely bad comic after I left him the idea on Gtalk that I had to go with it…

    Alternatively I’d have gone for Chatty’s Top 10 make money online list or some other bad investment post… turns out Bartoneous over at critical hits did something similar so I’m glad I didn’t step on his virtual toes.

    Everyone, thanks for the funny responses! I’m here to stay… maybe not as prolific, but I’m not going anywhere.


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