Found a name for my gaming group!


Yesterday, before we started our bi-monthly D&D game, I had to step outside to go and get the last player from the Subway station nearby.

As I got out, I noticed that out of the seven people that play in our group, 4 own a Ford Focus Station Wagon (So Ronin, I may have to call on you soon…)

That gave me the idea for an official name for our group:

The D&D Focus Group!

Feel free to leave your groans in the comments!

The non-Focus drivers own a Honda Fit (me), a Honda Civic (Math) and a Mazda 5 (Yan). I guess it’s a battle of the American Family car vs the Japanese!

Stay tuned for the Campaign log. It was quite a nice game last night.


  1. Oddly enough, I’m a GM, and drive a Fiat. Never argue with the GM’s Fiat :)

    Just be glad none of you drive a Dodge.

  2. Booooooo!

    I think my group should be the crappy-falling-apart-cars D&D group. :) We’re all driving ol’ beaters….

  3. @ Greywulf: I bow to your mastery of the Automotive pun.

    e: I take it I’m a wee bit older than you. 😀

    If it’s any comfort, in 1992, when I was 19, I bought my 1st car: a 1979 Datsun Station Wagon!!! I bought my 1st new car in 1999, a Mazda Protegé. (Which, might I note, that Mazda never stopped to spell Protégé, properly)

  4. Ouch! The pun-ishment must stop! 😉

    My group is called the Storey Road Irregulars since I live on Storey Road and we are all fair from regular! :)

    As for cars, my first car was a 1979 Dodge Diplomat Station Wagon with the genuine artificial wood grain paneling on the side. My high school gaming group would go on our junk runs before gaming night in what we christened the “Cruisemobile”. Man, we were the epitome of cool. Ah, the memories.

  5. I drive a Scion, which is almost like driving a Psion, only more box-like.

  6. Ah, so it’s like driving a Modron psion?

    I drive a Malibu, which is ironic considering my living in Winnipeg. If I wanted to pick the most opposite climate possible, Malibu wouldn’t be that far off.

    We don’t have a group name, here. Our group has fluctuated too much lately to even have set players, let alone a team name.

  7. I drive a Civic. Ironic, considering my main PC is trying to end the world and works for the villians. Not really a great way to boost civic involvement.


  8. Being the resident Ford guy if ya got a question feel free to ask. I’d be glad to help. I wont scare you you fellas with whats going to go wrong with your car.

    Our group doesnt have a name. But most of my group drives Ford products. I drive a Ford Ranger. My roomate drives an F-150, as does another of my players (when he not driving his built up mustang in the summer. Which he built himself. I have to admit its really sweet). Then Robert drives a Ford 500. The only one that doesnt drive a ford is Pat who drives a Chevy Lumina.

    Since everyone else is sharing allow me to also. My first car was an 82 Buick Skylark. But my favorite car was probably my second. 83 Chevy 1/2 ton 2wd pickup. It was a piece of trash. 250 straight 6 motor, automatic trans. So it had about zero pickup and speed in general. Half rusted out, with both doors painted primer grey, that came off another truck. AM only radio. But I had a lot of good times in that old truck. It always started and got me where I needed to go.

  9. Damn Ronin, I picture you guys with your trucks parked in front of your house on game day…

    Oh and I too am not telling them what will go wrong on their car… anywway they refuse to listen to me.

    Yeah a guy’s early cars are a big part of our lives then! Damn… I was so proud to actually be able to drive my girlfriend home… (that and I could hang around a bit longer with her by fooling around in the car before she returned home….)

    Good times!

    Thanks all, that was so funny.

  10. I’m in the D&D Cougar group! No, I don’t have a bunch of single 40-ish women in my group. But I drive a Mercury cougar.

  11. I drive a Ford Focus Station Wagon, too!


    Voted Car Least Likely to be Pulled Over, EVAR.

  12. You are then an honorary member of the D&D Focus Group!

    Go Green force!