YABM: Welcome new commenters, almost 2000 comments!

YABM: Yet another Blog Milestone

Having been a bit out of it in the last few weeks and having finally tackled the very passion inducing subject of 4e (and Paizo’s 3.5 strategy) I haven’t been able to personally welcome each new commenter on the blog as I tried to do before.

So I’m taking a few minutes to welcome you and thank you warmly for investing the effort to put your thoughts out here. I hope you will find, like I do, that this growing community is fascinating, involved, passionate and respectful.

In no particular order (and with added extra linky love to your respective blogs, go technorati), welcome to :

I know I already welcomed some of you, but I don’t think one can overextend his hospitality.

While we’re doing the whole meta-blogging thing, this blog is just 9 comments shy of hitting the 2000 comments mark. I don’t have a contest or a prize set up for it yet (I’m planning a much bigger thing with Graham and my soon-to-be-unveiled sponsor) but I’ll chime in later and name the 2000th commenter I’ll make sure it’s not me

Also, this week I rose over the 200 000th rank on Technorati (that’s a far cry from my initial 8 000 000th place 6 months ago) giving me an authority level of 40 (which I started from 0 again when I moved out of Blogger in late November). Thanks to those who linked to me.

It’s now a running joke in my gaming group that I level up faster on Technorati than I allow my players to do so in the game.

All right you have a nice Easter holiday (for the Christians out there) for the rest, have a great weekend!


  1. Great milestone, CDM! Congratulations, and thanks for all your dedication and hard work.

    Just so you know we appreciate you too :)

  2. Good job on raising your bar :) One of my daily stops so keep up the good work (without letting it become a burden !!) Welcome to all the new folks, don’t forget to hit the forums.

  3. Thank you for the mention!! And congrats on pushing up the ranks (may this comment help you in your goal to reach 2000 comments!). I know the feeling of having to start from scratch — I’m doing that with Figpress right now, considering it’s been open for about a week now! 😀

    Good things come to those who hang in there and keep posting!

  4. Noctambulist says:

    Well shoot! After all the great reading you’ve given me, the least I can do is comment and help your push to 2000.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Woot! You rock CDM!

  6. Hey, thanks for the linky love!

  7. Congrats, CDM, on your cresting the 2000 mark. Thanks for the link to my site though it is woefully out-of-date. This site has become a regular stop during my day so keep up the good work but pace yourself. :)

  8. Good form, chattyman! And thanks for the linky!

  9. 2000th Post!

  10. Graham takes the non-Prize!

    Thanks one and all. I’m looking forward to to the next 2000… while pacing myself!!

    Happy Easter!

  11. Congrats on 2000 approaching.

    And that is Tetsubo. :)

    It means “iron club or staff”. My favorite Japanese weapon. I often describe myself as being a good deal like it, large, slow and blunt.

  12. Lol! Corrected Mr Iron club or Staff… Was that the big staff you see in the Dragon/Tiger movie?


  13. Here is a good example of a wooden version with brass studs:


    Whopping big club…

  14. Ouch! Talk about a Greatclub! It’s the Studs that make is scarier!

    How can you yield that? With a lot of circular momentum like those Welsh Knights and their BFS? (Big Freaking Swords)?

  15. Tetsubo:

    Ah, I see.
    It’s a Clue Bat.

  16. Pretty much…

  17. hello! somewhat surprised that i was linked here, but thank you

  18. Hey, you took the time to comment on the blog and you have an URL registered to your user name… sharing the link is the least I could do :)

    Peace out!