You want to end… D&D? White Wolf’s ready…

exaltedlogo.gifI’m not dead… I’ve hit one of those deadly pockets of ‘work’ that drain all energy and creativity from your being. Plus my Friday game is not yet ready.

If I finish early tonight, I’ll put up a short ‘ending your campaign’ post with tips.

In the meantime, here’s something interesting that Tommi sent me.

As he says, it’s either a Marketing stroke of Genius or one of the most opportunistic/desperate grasp at market shares I’ve seen in a while.

It’s probably both as Graham surmises on Gtalk…

The bottom line is: Trade in your PHB 3.5 to get a Free Exalted 2e book.

How many are up to it? I’d be tempted just to have a look at that game…


  1. I dunno. That would feel too much like trading in a friend for a new friend you don’t even know.

    Besides, what would you do with all those other D&D books on your shelves? 🙂

  2. I’d do it in a heartbeat if I had a spare PHB. As it is, if I find a cheap one I’ll buy it just to trade it for Exalted. Hate White Wolf’s system, but their books are almost universally great reads.

    But I’d never give away my PHB, even though I have not used it in months and have no intention of ever using it again.

  3. You guys are surprising me with your attachment to the 3.5 PHB.

    The 3.0 one I can understand… but 3.5?

    I’m sure someone in your gaming group has a spare one…

    That being said, I don’t think I’ll do it… I have time for only 1 game… and if 4e ain’t it…. chances are I’ll go for Monte’s Arcana Evolved… or Star Wars Saga… or d20 Modern…

  4. If you were switching up to 4e then I can definitely see this as a good trade in. I’m not a huge fan of the integrated meta-plot of white wolf books (it is what makes them an incredible read, but hard to modify the system to your own ends), but I might definitely trade in a soon to be old edition to try out a new game.

  5. I was never a White Wolf fan. I read the blurb on wikipedia for the game and it did not light my fire, so I too will pass. Thanks for the tip, though.


  6. At least in the UK, you can pick up a v3.5 PHB for under £10 on eBay, including shipping. Seems like a good deal to me, but I can’t take part 🙁