RIP Gary Gygax

I am completely devastated right now. No sooner did I make the post about GM’s day when I spotted the story on ENWorld. Up until the end he was posting on message boards and talking to his fans. He touched the lives of so many, including my own, and I am so sad right now that he’s gone. I was really looking forward to seeing him again at GenCon, and I’m very upset he won’t be with us anymore.

My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.

His Wikipedia entry has the news, and ENWorld members are posting condolences and remembrances. And the Wizards of the Coast simple tribute is very effective.

Edit: Penny Arcade has a great tribute comic up, Bordering on the Semi-Tasteful. ~Bartoneus

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  1. This is very sad news. It just happens that we’ve been watching Futurama lately and it reminded me of this:

    Al Gore: To my left, you’ll recognize Gary Gygax, inventor of Dungeons & Dragons.

    Gary Gygax: Greetings it’s a…
    [rolls dice]
    Gary Gygax: … pleasure to meet you.

  2. Oh man sad news indeed

  3. Mmm…I almost laughed at comment #1…*sobs*…

  4. Sucilaria says:

    A man with a wonderful, creative imagination…may he be greeted warmly in a place more wonderful than even he could have dreamed, and may his family be blessed and comforted in their time of loss.

  5. OriginalSultan says:

    Gary is gone, but his legacy lives on.

    Thank you, Mr. Gygax, for all the excitement, laughter, memories, and the countless hours of fun.

  6. Stories are popping up all over, including on major media organizations. His impact and legacy cannot be understated.

    Scott Rouse was quick to announce that the 4th edition books would be dedicated to Gary’s memory.

  7. that penny arcade comic… classic.

  8. Did anyone see Colbert show? He rolled a 20 for Gary Gygax.


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