Want to play 4e D&D tonight?

Take the character sheets for the delve PCs, and then have them fight some of these monsters from the Dungeons of Dread D&D Minis expansion.(You’re on your own for putting together the rules from all the previews!)

Medium Natural Animate (Undead)

Level 6 Soldier
AC 22, FORT 21, REF 17, WILL 17, HP 48, Bloodied 24, Init +5, Spd 4
Senses: Perception +3. Immune: Poison, Resist: cold 10, nec 10, wpn 10
Weakness: Massive Dmg, Vuln rad 5
Attacks: Melee Slam +14 vs AC; 1d6+6 AND Followup
Followup +9 vs Fort; Immobilized 1 rd
Ice Reaper +5 cold dmg to Immobilized or Stunned

Abilities: Massive Damage: Destroyed by single atk of 24+ dmg
Wintry Cloud: Creatures take 2 cold dmg at start of their turns for each chillborn within 5 (max 8 dmg)
Str +9 (22), Con +5 (15), Dex +5 (14), Int -1 (2), Wis +3 (10), Cha +5 (15)

Deathjump Spider
Medium Natural Beast (Spider)
Level 4 Skirmisher
AC 18, Fort 14, Ref 17, Will 14, HP 38, Bloodied 19, Init +5, Spd 6, Clb 6, Jmp 6
Senses darkvision, Perception +9
Attacks: Melee Bite +11 vs AC; 1d10+4
Limited Powers: Melee, Death from Above: Standard, jmp 6 AND bite +11 vs AC 2d10+4. Rchrg 6
Prodigious Leap: Move, jmp 12, no opp attacks. Rchg 5.
Str +4 (15), Con +4 (15), Dex +5 (16), Int -2 (2), Wis +4 (14), Cha +3 (13)

Goblin Picador
Small Natural Humanoid
Level 2 Controller

AC 16, Fort 14, Ref 16, Will 10, HP 26, Bloodied 13, Init +9, Spd 6
Senses: Perception +1
Attacks: Melee: Harpoon +9 vs AC, 1d4+3 plus Harpooned (see text)
Ranged: Thrown Harpoon Rg 5, +9 vs AC, 1d4+3 plus Harpooned (see text)
Melee: Tug of War Standard, M or smaller Harpooned enemy; +4 vs Fort; pull 3 (pull 1 on miss).
Abilities: Goblin Tactics Whenever a Melee attack against it misses, can immed shift away from attacker.
Harpooned Can’t move more than 5 from this creature. Remove standard; Str vs Fort.
Str +4 (16), Con +2 (13), Dex +5 (18), Int +0 (8), Wis +1 (10), Cha +0 (8)

Defiant Rake
Medium Natural Humanoid
Level 5 Skirmisher

AC 21, Fort 13, Ref 17, Will 16, HP 45, Bloodied 22, Init +7, Spd 6
Senses: Perception +2
Attacks: Melee: Rapier +11 vs AC; 1d8+5
Ranged: Hand Crossbow Rg 10/20; +11 vs AC; 1d6+5
Sneak Attack +2d6 dmg with cbt adv
Limited Powers: Snap Shot Minor; hand scross bow atk. Rchg 5.
Wicked Dodge Reaction, when target of melee atk; +9 vs Will; atk automatically misses OR instead targets any other creature within attacker’s reach (your choice). Rchg 5.
Skills: Bluff +11, Stealth +12, Thievery +12
Str +2 (10), Con +3 (12), Dex +7 (20), Int +3 (12), Wis +2 (10), Cha +6 (18)

Vampire Spawn
Medium Natural Humanoid (Undead)
Level 6 Minion (Brute)

AC 18, Fort 15, Ref 16, Will 15, HP 10, Bloodied 5, Init +11, Spd 7
Senses darkvision; Perception +4
Immune poison, Resist nec 10, Weakness vuln rad 5
Attacks: Melee Claw +11 vs AC; 3 (5 to Bloodied)
Group Attack +3 dmg per additional vampire spawn (+5 to Bloodied)
Abilities: Regenerate 3
Skills: Stealth +11
Str +5 (14), Con +5 (14), Dex +6 (16), Int +3 (10), Wis +4 (12), Cha +5 (14)

If there’s demand, I’ll type up my Spectral Panther (Level 9 Lurker), Shadow Demon (Level 11 Skirmisher), and Balhannoth (Level 13 Skirmisher) but I definitely don’t recommend fighting them at first level! (edit: added below!)

Shadow Demon
Medium Elemental Humanoid (Demon)
Level 11 Skirmisher

AC 25, Fort 23, Ref 24, Will 22, HP 72, Bloodied 36, Init +8, Spd 2, Fly 8 (Hv)
Senses: darkvision; Perception +6
Attacks: Melee Claw +13 vs Ref; 2d6+4 AND shadow drain (save ends; see text)
Shadow Drain Ongoing nec 5; save -5 until ends turn at least 5 from this creature, shadow creatures, or others afflicted by shadow drain.
Limited Powers: Devouring Shadow Immed,when first Bloodied; tport adj to creature within 10 affected by shadow drain, 2d6+7 nec.
Abilities: Deathport Immed, when creature within 10 at 0 hp; tport to its square.
Skills Stealth +13

Large Aberrant Magical Beast
Level 13 Skirmisher

AC 27, Fort 26, Ref 22, Will 25, HP 80, Bloodied 40, Init +12, Spd 5, Clb 5
Senses darkvision, Perception +13
Attacks: Melee Tentacle Reach 3; +19 vs AC, 2d6+8 AND push/pull 3
Sneak Attack +3d6 dmg with cbt adv
Limited Powers: Reality Distortion Move; tport 5 AND cbt adv against all adj after tport. Rchg 4.
Tentacle Flurry Standard; Melle atk against each in reach. Rchg 5.
Warp Attack Reaction; if attacked by enemy within 3, roll d20: 1-9 miss and pull attacker 1; 10+ resolve normally. Rchg 4.
Skills: Stealth +17.

Spectral Panther
Medium Shadow Beast
Level 9 Lurker
AC 24, Fort 21, Ref 23, Will 19, HP 46, Bloodied 23, Init +13, Spd 7
Senses Perception +7
Attacks: Melee Claw +17 vs AC, 1d8+5
Melee Shadow Pounce Requires cbt adv; +14 vs AC; 3d8+5; charge OK.
Abilities: Invisibility Standard, in spectral form only, invis 1 rd. Visible when leaves spectral form.
Spectral Form Standard; insubstantial, phasing, can’t atk. Free action to leave spectral form.
Skills: Stealth +12 (+17 in spectral form)

And as a bonus, the stat card I got with my mini I traded tokens for:

Elf Archer
Medium Fey Humanoid
Level 2 Artillery
AC 15, Fort 12, Ref 15, Will 14, HP 20, Bloodied 10, Init +10, Spd 7
Senses Perception +12
Attacks: Melee Shortsword +7 vs AC; 1d6+2
Ranged Bow Rg 15/30; +9 vs AC; 1d8+4
Abilities: Archer’s Mobility Ifmoves at least 4, +2 ranged atk.

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  1. By the way, I just noticed all the 4e D&DXP character sheets are available here:


    It’ linked on the main page, but the bullets don’t line up in firefox.

  2. By the way, we can’t actually play with the Spider until we find out what “recharge 6″ and “recharge 5″ mean.

  3. I’ll try to find out what that means. Someone who did the Dungeons of Dread prerelease probably knows.

  4. Recharge works on a d6. You roll the d6 every round, and if the correct number comes up it recharges.

    This was confirmed over at Enworld.

  5. I have typed up a lot of the monsters from photos people have been taking at the xp;


    Has all the ones I’ve been able to understand, except the Young Black Dragon and the Kobold Skirmisher.

  6. I would like to see the Spectral Panther, Shadow Demon, and Balhannoth and thanks for the above write-ups:)

  7. Added, along with an Elf Archer!

  8. “By the way, we can’t actually play with the Spider until we find out what “recharge 6? and “recharge 5? mean.”

    I’m pretty sure it’s you have to roll that number or higher on a d6 to recharge. I know for a fact it’s rolled on a d6.

  9. Thanks:)

  10. Game: Don’t mean to patronize…but, comment #4…

    Also, thanks for the info…

  11. Whoops, missed that. So many comments going by, so little time and so little sleep!

  12. Recharge 5 and Recharge 6 means you can re-use the spell once you roll that number on a 1d6. After a monster uses a spell, that spell can not be used again until it is recharged (if it requires recharge). Then, at the start of each round, roll 1d6. Let us say we roll a 6: all monsters with recharge 6 abilities get that ability back, but they do not get the recharge 5 ability yet. In the same aspect: if you roll a 5 they all get their recharge 5 abilities back but not their recharge 6 abilities back. Hope that clears that up for you.

  13. Do note, Neeko, that this post is from before 4e was released.

    The issue has very much been solved since then. The rulebooks getting released helped.

    Graham´s last post: UPS? More like You Pee… Freely… or something…


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