D&D XP Coverage

4e Standups

Here’s where we’ll post links to the different articles for the D&D XP.

Thanks to Yax at Dungeonmastering, Katie at Porter Noveli, and Dave C (the other one) for arranging things for us.

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  1. Some nice pics.

  2. Thanks! More to come on Saturday.

  3. Looking forward to those interviews. Saturday?

  4. The interviews are proving to be a monster (ha ha) to transcribe, so those will probably be the last things up. Our experiences and a few other things will probably be soon.

  5. You aint kidding, πŸ™‚

    I’ll keep checking back.

  6. It also doesn’t help that due to a computer error we lost our recording of the Andy Collins & Scott Rouse interview (though Dave had already listened to a good portion of it – and we have notes on the rest), as well as a really awesome video of the D&D Insider tools being demoed.

    I should be wrapping up the Girard & Heinsoo interview write-up this evening so hopefully that’ll be up.


  1. […] of which seem to be much more finished than the Dungeon Delve characters that Dave and I saw at the D&D Experience back in late February. The basic rules themselves are very similar to everything you know from 3.5e […]

  2. […] say, the quality of journalism for coverage of this year’s D&D XP convention is way lower than last year. By this time last year, I had already written up the entire new products seminar, and others had […]