Inquisition of the Week: Best Game of 2007

TheMainEvent playing Rock BandWe’re going to run the poll for another week to see if more people will come forward to defend the honor of 2007. Reverend Mike makes a great point that it might not be as good as we hoped with the Writer’s Strike messing up the movie and tv schedules. I should also point out how many great new shows I started watching in 2007: Chuck, Journeyman, and Pushing Daisies being instant hits in my household.

To go even more into defending the year that is about to end, I’ll ask you for a minute to think back over the games that you have played this year. This has been a great year for gamers, especially video gamers. It seems that all the major genres have been covered with ground breaking titles or solid sequels. All the major gaming websites look like they have a difficult time choosing just one 2007 release to highlight as the best of the year. But this is not about what they think, it’s about how you’d answer the question:

What was your favorite game of 2007?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a banner year in gaming myself. Not only have I been playing more video games that I have in years, new board games (and old ones that I never got to try) have been hitting the table weekly, and my D&D game has been going strong for 4 months now. Plus, I have plenty of games I could pick that I’m totally biased towards: my own game was published, and two of my good friends had new works published that I playtested.

However, my top pick for the year goes to a late release: Rock Band. I can’t think of a single game that has brought so many of my friends together so often, and has us discussing songs, tips, and strategies when not playing. Rock Band, with its three different instruments, has tons of replay value built in that give the game plenty of extra life. Wii Sports is probably the closest game I’ve played that had people excited in similar ways, but lacked a lot of the replay value it needed, and no other game for the Wii has managed to tap into that same kind of fun.

To round out my list, Portal definitely wins my innovation award, but just got too frustrating one too many times for me to come out on top. The top board game for me this year (that I didn’t playtest) was the excellent RTS-style Space Dealer.

So let it fly, what was your top game of 2007?

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  1. My top game of 2007 was Wii Sports. It’s the perfect way to kill time during intermissions of a hockey game.

    We had a blast with it.

  2. Wii Sports definitely wins MVP for early 2007, but as much as I love it and still love to introduce new people to it, there’s just not enough there to sustain long term play. And sadly, no other game for the Wii has stepped up to the plate (as it were) to provide that solid of an experience that Wii Sports provides.

  3. Not even Mario Galaxy?

  4. Mario Galaxy is great and uses the controls well, but ultimately, you know you’re still using a joystick, buttons, and a pointer. Whereas Wii Sports really convinced you that you were holding a tennis racket, bowling ball, etc. at least in the way the game responded.

  5. My top 2007 gaming experience goes to D&D and the late books (Book of 9 Swords and Magic Item Compendium)!



  6. I have loved Guitar Hero and Rock Band. A month ago was my first time ever touching a guitar game controller. I thought that I just wouldn’t “get it”, not knowing any rock songs. It really feels great to pretend to be a rock star, I just wish I wasn’t our best option for vocals.

  7. Sucilaria says:

    Rock band hands down. No matter which instrument I’m playing, or who I’m playing with, it’s totally awesome. I have a particular affinity for the drums though!!! GIMME SHELTER!!!

  8. Gold – Rock Band

    Silver – Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

    Bronze – Wii Sports

  9. TheMainEvent says:

    I haven’t played Rock Band much, but I’m going to have to vote for it. I’m pondering a purchase of it, and let me tell you that when people describe it to me I thought it was a highly overpriced gizmo… but after playing (and rocking as evidenced by the picture) I have to resist the temptation.

  10. Wii Sports for me…I haven’t gotten a hold of Rock Band yet, so i can’t attest to that, but I found myself waking up early for work and doing a quick fitness test before heading out…it’s good to be the best tennis player around that has never picked up a racket…

    Also, D&D…sorry, phil, but Book of 9 swords quickly became my bane after a player tried to give himself a loopholedly infinite number of attacks per round…which upon review I promptly beat down…

    d20 modern and SW currently hold me hostage…

  11. Mike care to come and discuss the loop over our forums (

    I’m curious how this occurred. So far that book rocks our boat.

    (Sorry for the Highjack)