My Perfect Geeky Christmas list!

The Soap image comes from Sean K. Reynolds’ wife business. She makes Geeky soaps, have a look!

d20 Xmas

Here’s my list:

  • I want someone working at WotC to comment on my blog
  • I want my wife to download the second season of Heroes
  • I want D&D 4e to be as kickass as what the previews make it to be
  • I want d20 Modern!!!
  • I want to spend a whole day playing Magic the Gathering with my buddies
  • I want an invite to participate on a RPG blog panel at Gen Con so I can impose my French Canadian accent on the world!
  • I want to conquer all Fluff and establish a 1000 thousand year empire of Crunch! MWa HA HA HA HA!!!

Soooooo….. What would your perfect geeky X-mas be like?

Merry Christmas all. I’ll post Friday’s game log today if I can… expect it no later than Wednesday morning.


  1. Merry Christmas, my Lord! And Happy Holidays for all the minions 🙂

  2. Thanks Mike… A merry x-mas to you and your family….

    You can dispense with the ‘my Lord’ nonsense… Unless you really want to 🙂

  3. I think I can help with the GenCon Panel. I have organized the Mastering your GM-Fu panel ( for the past two years, and we are always interested in looking for new speakers to join us.

    Email me.

  4. Woot! This x-mas is already shaping up to be the bestest!

    Phil, I’ll ring you up later this week…

    (Chatty needs to book an hotel room in Indianapolis soon… maybe a suite to play games in…)

  5. First off. Never been very enamored with d20 modern. Matter of fact I just dont like it. Which could be construed as strange being I really like 3.5 D&D.

    Anyways what would my perfect geeky christmas be?

    Original Gundam Series on DVD

    Showcase Presents: The Suicide Squad Vol. 1 TPB

    Bottle of 20 year old Macallan Scotch

    And if it was a crazy awesome christmas, a SIG-552 with fore grip Picatinny rail system to mount vertical forend grip. With a ATN Ultra Sight open collimating Reflex Sight.

  6. First off. Never been very enamored with d20 modern. Matter of fact I just dont like it. Which could be construed as strange being I really like 3.5 D&D.

    Meh, not everyone does, especially many D&D diehards (whether or not that includes you). The biggest turnoff to D&D players, in my experience, is the class system. Personally, I love it, though. I find it much more intuitive to build a character (specifically a modern character) in descriptive terms, rather than specific terms, or by his job (Fighter, Wizard, etc).


    So what do I want for my geeky christmas?

    Well, I just picked up the next couple adventures I’ll be running, so that’s done. I’d like some minis that actually represent PCs better.

    But most of all?


    Time to prep, time to play, free time that is the same time among all of my group.


  7. The classes domnt bother me that much. (Although they do seem a little bland.) its teh treatment of AC, and teh way firearms rules are an obvious tacked on after thought. At least in my opinion.

    On more important subjects. I did forget one thing that would be awesome to recieve for christmas. Either a one or two row button accordian. Or an Anglo Concertina.

  8. I have played d20 Modern for some time, and its pretty good. Depending on what kind of campaign you are planning on running, I would also consider True20 (By Green Ronin) and Modern20 (by RPGObjects).

    d20 Modern is good for any kind of modern/fantasy mix. It has a magic section and monsters, and is pretty straight forward. It plays a lot like D&D, with the obvious modern changes.

    True20 is great for games that have either less of an emphasis for combat, or you want really gritty combat. The rules for social interactions are nice. I find the magic/powers section a bit weak, but the rest of the mechanics solid.

    Modern20 is a d20 Modern set of rules, but only partly related to the d20 Modern line. There are some great options for character creation, some excellent uses for skills, and a combat system that includes Hit Location. It also has a very robust Martial Arts system (via the Martial Arts20 accessory). I haven not run this, but my feeling is, if you want large cinematic combat, and some cool martial arts, in your campaign, this is a rule system you want to see.

  9. True20 is a good system, but is a bit too generic and bland for my tastes. (Yes, me who likes d20 Modern.) Aside form that, I’d agree with your assessment.

    I don’t know Modern20, though I’ll be checking it out now. If the Martial Arts book is the one I’ve seen, it can get rather complex (which can be good for some groups), but I’m not sure it is.

    Also, I’m not sure how I feel about hit locations…

    EDIT: Is RPGObjects the same company that released the Blood and ____ line? It seems so. I’d just like to add that this specific line (Blood and Fists, Blood and Space, etc) is some of the worst balanced, most unnecessarily complex d20 Modern material I’ve read.

    (Though their Modern Dispatch ones are decent.)

    In any case, I think I’ll give Modern20 a pass.


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