Inq. of the Week: 2007 vs. 2008

Keep on the Shadowfell coverLast week, we asked if the winter months = more gaming. While most of you don’t change your gaming habits, there were plenty of you who said you game all the much more when there’s snow on the ground, whether it be from more time at home or just the lack of schoolwork. I myself tend to game about the same amount, since I game a lot no matter what, but perhaps I shall try to increase it anyway.

2007 had a number of highlights that we covered here. From 300, to the Transformers movie, to Rock Band, this has been quite an awesome year for gamers. At the same time, we’ve also covered a lot of exciting announcements for the year ahead. D&D4e, The Dark Knight, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and many more give us plenty to look forward to.

So the question is…

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Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you loved about this year, what you’re sure you’ll love about next year, or how you’re a big wuss who can’t decide!

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  1. There might be some awful good things coming…and I figure they’ll do some fine compete-in’ with the stuff that already came…but I’ll call that the writer’s strike’ll go on long enough to deprive ’08 of some things that helped make ’07…TV-wise mostly…


  1. […] Two weeks ago we asked if everyone has hopes for 2008 out-shining good old 2007 and it looks like 76% of you are excited to see what the new year will bring. Then last week Dave wanted to find out what the best games of 2007 were, with his own picks (biases aside) being Rock Band and the excellent board game Space Dealer. Other’s answers included Wii Sports, D&D, Guitar Hero 3, more Rock Band, Civ 4, and rounding out with some good old-fashioned D&D. […]