Quick, Quiet, and Wild

4e ElfWizards of the Coast has given 4e anticipaters a holiday present in the form of the entire Elf entry from the Player’s Handbook. (And no, there’s nothing about them building toys.) There’s nothing terribly shocking to those of us who have been following all the 4e previews: there’s no penalty to stats anymore, just bonuses, Elves are more Wood Elfy (while the new Eladrin will be more High Elfy), no mention of a favored class, just some recommendations. We don’t have all the info needed to understand everything there- the Elven Accuracy power in particular- but it is an interesting look into THE FUTURE of Elfdom.

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  1. […] year, in December, Bill Slavicsek decided to give a holiday present in the form of the entire 4e Elf class in his Ampersand column, one of our first big glimpses directly into 4e. This year, the holidays have come slightly early, […]