Toss another Halfling into the endzone!

Blood Bowl

Spotted this at BGN: next year, expect a PC version of my favorite Games Workshop game Blood Bowl, with an Xbox 360 version to follow later in the year. This is not the first computer version of BB, but it has been a while: the previous one ran on DOS. The article has this to say:

The races to be included in the game are Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Chaos and Lizard Men, and game play will have two modes: real-time for fast matches where reaction time is key, and turn-based to allow for more strategic play. A multi-player function will also be available so that leagues can be run and managed online.

Sadly, that means no Halfling team at release, so that we can’t recreate the heydays of the little guys being tossed by Treeman with the ball in their hands, then getting their groins sprained. Still, the ability to play in the two different modes sounds interesting, and an Orc team means that my Baltimork Boltz can finally return to the field. The official site has some more screenshots, and links to the company’s forum.

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  1. There’s also a Java Web-based game that follows the original computer game and allows League…

    I know I played one full seasons a few years ago…

    Gooooooooooooo Skavens!

  2. Sweet, I’ll have to check that out. Of course, it’s none of these compare to the real thing…

  3. I’ve played the java version too but the computer/xbox live multiplayer gameplay probably will be a lot better.

    This could be a great game. If they resist the urge to change the rules for obscure reasons, it’s a sure hit, at least with me and my friends.

  4. As with a lot of Warhammer based games, it’s all in the races they actually put into the game.

    No Halflings or Undead makes me sad. I don’t ever remember the Lizardmen being in Bloodbowl?

  5. TheMainEvent says:

    Lets hope the game keeps the grossly unfair random event cards that could drastically alter the game with nary a decision from the players. Because those were fun.

  6. TME: Isn’t this the definition of all GW games?

  7. ZING!