Holiday Blog schedule, some Stats and Season's Wishes!

Chatty DM’s IconYup, Christmas vacations are coming. I’m lucky to get a full week off work and I will enjoy it.

On the blog side, I’ve adopted a temporary daily Mini-post (500 words or less) strategy since last weekend and I plan to maintain it up until January 2nd or so. Of course, I’ll drop by with a DM log that chronicles next Friday’s game and I may break the 500 word self imposed limit whenever I feel like it.

I will also skip days when I have family parties and what not. Apart from that I’ll try to maintain the usual posting schedule (1 post per week day and at least 1 for the weekend).

Now in order to make this post a little more meaty, here’s a few statistical highlights on the closing 5th month of this here blog.

  • Number of posts: 172
  • Number of Comments: 981
  • Number of Domain Page views since beginning of December (including Forum): 33701
  • Number of unique visitors since beginning of December: 1117
  • Number of Countries where 1 min+ hits generated: 29
  • US state with highest readership: California… (Is it the Snow thing?)
  • Feedburner Subscription: 85-90

Conclusion: What I started as an exercise in writing and Self-growth has become (and grows into) an amazing community. I really like how everyone that comments and participates has an open mind about RPGs and accept that while we all may play different games, differently, we all share the quest for fun.

I will therefore continue to do my thing here as it’s loads of fun. I am also working on a few cool future projects with some incredibly talented people stay tuned! (Alas, it’s not a Screen Cap Web comic… )

I also want to extend a very warm thanks to the silent readership that read me on Feeds or visit here once a day. While I haven’t gotten to know you yet, I am incredibly grateful for the time you take to read my musings.

I take this occasion to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I also embrace all non-christians with a wish for peace and happiness unto your families and friends. As for Fluff loving Role Players (My Nemesis included)…. well I also wish you to play the most Epic of tales! 😀

Hey, even an Evil Overlord can get the Holiday Spirit you know! (BTW, I’ve started playing City of Villains… so I get good practice)

If I could ask for a small holiday gift from you all is for you (even the silent ones) to drop in with a small holiday wish/hello/or geek gift list in the comments. Let’s knock that statistic well into the thousand.



  1. Have a Merry Christmas!

    I may not play RPGs (aside from video games), but I always enjoy the trope postings.

    (Maybe I need to read this blog more, though… a recent Scholastic Bowl question’s answer was Magic Missile. Missed it, sad to say.)

  2. Phased Weasel says:

    Yes, the trope postings are always good. I enjoy reading about other people’s games, just hearing random specifics is enough to plant some creativity seeds for my own (like your half-dragon barbarian, far cooler than the dragon shaman).

  3. Happy Squidmas, Chatty. When the Old Ones come, may you be eaten first!

  4. Happy Squidmas, eh?

    I think you’ll like this, then.

    Have a Very Scary Solstice, Chatty!

    Edit: Very, not Vary. Stupid wrong word still being a word, and not showing up in spellcheck.

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. Thanks all! I’m happy to provide entertainment even outside the RPG crowd.

    Squidmas! Weeee!

    Come on! 13 comments to go!

  7. Happy Cthulhumas, CDM. Maybe all your dream be squamous, and your baubles never gibber.

  8. Happy Holidays, whatever your holiday may be!

  9. Happy Holidays, all. Even if you have no holiday, have a great time anyway and enjoy all the craziness out there!

    All I want for Christmas is a group to play with and the time to play. Gotta find me a PBEM group…

  10. Merry Chrimahannukwanzakuh!

  11. I’m happy to read that you’ll keep chatting after the holidays.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all of your readers. I hope everyone’s characters have cool holiday adventures, filled with XP and shinny loot.