Inq. of the Week: 'Tis the Season

World of Warcraft - Yeti in Winter CaveIn Dave’s scandalous question from last week about everyone’s pirating habits we were not surprised to see that a lot of people do resort to downloading things online.  Interesting enough there was a spike in the results where people download content online illegally specifically when it is not available through any other means, illustrating what some may not consider – internet piracy has an advantage of providing more people with things that are hard to come by or otherwise impossible to obtain.  Some may argue that this begins the erosion of capitalism, or even the very fiber of what society is based upon, but years down the road when things which are currently new begin to take on historical significance I feel people’s tunes will change.

Today I’d like to inquire amongst you all about how the seasons effect your nerdy tendencies.  Surely do we shun the light of day, the pleasant weather, the rampant bikini-age to hide indoors and play all manner of game, but in the winter what better course of action can there be?

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Personally I definitely turn more towards games during the winter months, despite spending a fair amount of time outdoors because I love cold weather, wind, rain, and snow there just isn’t as much sunlight and I easily gravitate towards videogame consoles in failing light.  Compound that with the passed year’s rampant frisbee playing and bike riding, and it begins to skew the scales even farther.  Needless to say, I am greatly anticipating some gratuitous board gaming through the next few months!


  1. The only time I could say ‘more’ was when I was diagnosed with Burnout in February and spent 2 straight months at home playing Wow online….


    I’m so glad I left MMORPGs for blogging!

  2. I certainly play more games between 21Dec and 21Jan, But that’s not necessarily because o the weather. In unrelated news, Finals suck.

  3. TheMainEvent says:

    Ummm, is the ‘not really’ response different from ‘about the same’? Should it be ‘less?’ or something? Becuase is you don’t play more games in the winter wouldn’t it be about the same as the not-winter period.

  4. I live in Florida…which means it’s not completely illogical that I went to the beach last Friday…my gaming habits are more affected by academic pressures than anything else…so, Yep!

  5. I said about the same but the inherent need to hibernat and keep myself warm keeps me indoors so its either A) Drink B) Play Games or my personal favorite C) Drink till you cant recall where you are or how you got there, THEN play some games.

    25 kill streak on CoD4 while wasted… wtf?!

  6. Since most of you said your holiday gaming picks up because of not being in school (or done with finals), I’m curious if you’ve thought about what will happen when you’re out of school and working regularly. Do you think you’ll play games less all year round, or find new ways of working them in around a busy schedule?


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