YouTube of the Week: Who cares why they're fighting? It's awesome looking.

Remember that guy who did the Samus vs. Spartan video? Well, he did another one, pitting Final Fantasy against Dead or Alive. It’s truly amazing, not just in the animation but in the fight choreography. Somebody hire this guy to make every new action movie!

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  1. Hey you put some Cool in my Awesome! πŸ™‚

    Drool… Now Dave I challenge you to find tabletop fghting game mechanics that can pull this off (as well as Advent Children and Shamus vs Master Chief)…


  2. Aye aye! I may just have to design it myself though!

  3. Anyone have an idea what locale that is? My best guess would be that it’s from Final Fantasy X-2, but I really have no clue.

  4. Tabletop game mechanics?
    I’m still waiting for a VIDEO game that can pull off fighting this well.

    /still waiting

    btw, who plays dead or alive anyways?

    Soul Calibur gals would have at least looked natural holding weapons.

  5. LOL, did you just use the words “soul calibur gals” and “looked natural” in the same sentence???

  6. I think Red Mage from the original Final Fantasy would own all these anorexic chicks.

  7. Yax: the Red Mage from FF1 was a guy?

  8. Yeah. Red Mage was a guy, wasn’t he? If he isn’t I am in shock.

  9. He is a guy in MOST scenarios…occasionally he puts on ladies clothes and becomes “Debora”…

  10. LOL, nice mike.

    Yax: I was just confused because the video is an all ladies fight and you said the Red Mage would own them all so I wasn’t sure if you thought it was a woman or not. I now see that you just want to watch a guy beat up lots of girls…

  11. Dead Fantasy II is annouced for March 19th! Weee!