Real Ultimate Showdown FINAL ROUND

Real Ultimate Showdown - Final Round - Bracket

So it has come to this at last. 32 entered, and after this round, only one will leave, proving once and for all who the coolest group out there.

The road had been long to reach the final round. There were many surprise upsets along the way- some big favorites were knocked out early. We had no idea when it started that it would come down to this classic D&D matchups… but the people have spoken. Wizards and Dragons rock. But which one will win out?

Voting will end October 17 at 11:59 PM. VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT TO WIN in this final round of the Real Ultimate Showdown!

The Challengers




Snowpaws, who picked Dragons as the ultimate champion, had this to say: “I’‘ve always loved dragons.  There was a pewter miniature scene I remember wanting when I was young.  It had a knight advancing on a dragon, but between them stood a princess, protecting her dragon.  I wanted to be her.”



Space Rebels
Secret Agents

The Main Event, who picked Wizards in the first round to take it all, had this to say about them: “ I chose wizards because despite the instructions of the contest, Wizards are always depicted as insanely powerful and versatile. It almost always takes a Wizard (maybe along with friends) to best another powerful Wizard.”

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  1. Dragon eats wizard…game set match

  2. Dragons…if they can beat Jedi, Ninjas, Vampires, and Knights, they can beat anything!…at least a wizard…without the knight blocking all the melee attacks, the wizard is screwed…

    Not to mention the fact that the wizard for the first time, doesn’t have the advantage of spellcasting over his collasal competitor…

    This isn’t a match at all…

  3. TheMainEvent says:

    Its a marathon, not a sprint, I’m sure Wizard support will rally.

  4. your moms a marathon…OOOOoooOOOO

  5. Your dad’s a sprint…

  6. It seems like few people are considering the pictures posted, what if the Wizard is riding a SUN?

  7. I confess, I was so impressed by the wizard’s picture that I voted for wizards this round.

    But I still think dragons are going to win.

  8. Dragons sure did get the toughest schedule. I applaud them for a well played season, no matter how the Super Brawl ends.

  9. Good name, Super Brawl.

  10. the good Picture just means wizards are better at PR and advertising then dragons!

  11. The Wizard. is RIDING. a SUN.

    Game over man, game over!

  12. If a wizard riding a sun is an equal (or apparently easy) match for a dragon, then what does that say about wizards in general?…

  13. What’s the only thing better than a dragon? A Robot-Dragon…amirite

  14. TheMainEvent says:

    It’s kind of funny though because you almost never see dragons depicted as ultimately victorious in just about anything, except against other Dragons. Plucky heroes should have been a category too!

  15. If y’all knew Malachy the Benevolent, the knights would’ve won…

    No doubt in my mind…

  16. OK, google didn’t find me much. Who is this Malachy you refer to? Is it a book? Is it worth reading?

  17. Google won’t find you anything…’tis personal experience through the greatest D&D character I ever played…first time I tried out a class from PH2…he single-handedly took down a Balor when he was lv. 20…’twas meant to kill off my character as a plot device we had discussed earlier, but by incredible chance, he just didn’t go down…

    Ruined his campaign…and made me try to build weaker characters so it’d be more challenging to play…

  18. The class was Knight, I assume? By far my favorite new core class.

  19. Most definitely…

    I’m too good at making characters conbat savvy…

    I had a halfling sorcerer who was the official “fighter” of the party once…

    His spear kilt EVERYTHING!…

  20. I would say in that case you failed at making a sorcerer. :P

  21. He enchanted it himself…

    The spear alone was alright, but with shocking burst and lightning bolt 5/day…became scary…

    I just rolled some good stats…

    But enough about me…

    Dragons are stepping on wizards…and hard…

  22. eL DIABLOOO says:

    Next match: Dragons vs Chuck Norris.

  23. GreenDragon says:

    Dragons are badass.

    so if i knew how to vote I would vote dragons down pat over wizards

    and yes dragons vs chuck norris would be tight


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