Sadly missing the Brotherhood of Dada

Comics Should Be Good’s Top 50 DC and Top 50 Marvel characters list is up at last, the summation of over 500 entrant’s top 10 lists among each publisher. My man Green Arrow made it in at #7, and The Question made it in at #13. And as is no surprise, my #1 Marvel character matched the #1 on that list.

What’s important to note is how many characters on these lists are dead, formerly dead, or about to be dead/missing. Thanks big publishers, you really know your audience!

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  1. Oh wow, I’m very happy to see Wolverine as “low” as #7 and AMAZINGLY happy to see my man Cyclops as high as #10!

    Very interesting lists though, with some slightly surprising results hidden in there. Were people free to choose ANY hero they could think of, or was there a preliminary list given?

  2. Any character made by that publisher, so not just heroes, but some villains made it in too (especially the Joker being #5!)

  3. TheMainEvent says:

    Doom was in the top 5 too.