Guess Post: A Fey's Journal, 1st Entry

This morning I asked my good friend and long-time player Yan to prepare a player’s log to our game. I gave him the option to take it in the direction he wanted, baring some editorial oversight on my part. Yan is that ‘other’ extroverted overanalytical geek around our table. He’s passionate about the game, a part-time DM and he has pored a lot of efforts in his character’s abilities and backstory. It really is quite good and I hope it will become a regular feature as an alternative, more narrative take to my DMing session logs. Enjoy!

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A Fey’s Journal, 1st Entry

Even after all that time, I still feel like a bone that has been chewed by a dog. This bad dog certainly had a fetid breath. Ok, let’s put the bad memory aside and focus on the good things.

Hi! I’m Lillie, Moon Maiden of House Goosefoot. Well, Lillie might be better since I had some… How could I say… Let’s call them differences of opinion with my hereditary House and the role they had intended for me. Suffice to say, I’m now plain old Lillie, Adventurer Extraordinaire in a mighty adventurers group! We are the … emm… To think of it we did not give ourselves a group name yet. Maybe we should, I’ll propose that on our next board meeting.

Here’s our group:

We have my good buddy, Aravar the elven Duskblade. He’s a guy. I tell you because with those elves it can be confusing and he can get a little sensitive on the matter.

The strong Dragon Shaman is Nogard Rinevedne. There’s something weird with his name. It sounds like it was twisted somehow. In my book though, he is mostly a fire breathing pyromaniac. Aravar insists that he’s a good guy. Still I don’t fully trust him. His love of fire is unnatural and unhealthy if you ask me.

Our first new recruit,Cruguer, seems to have had some difficulty in is past but he’s one Hell of a Crusader (Tee Hee!). I think he’ll be a fine addition to the group.

The other new recruit is Cixi, who’s a young human female with an eerie, almost unnatural, feel. She has a bow twice her size and can hurl arrow with this monstrosity like it was a freaking ballista. I noticed though that she is a political junky. And here I thought I had left all this behind with House Goosefoot… < Sigh >

And then there’s me, Lillie, Pixie Sorceress extraordinaire, and all around good looking gal, master of diplomacy and the best tootin’ flute player in the Realms.

The introduction being done, here’s the story…

The elven lord Dore-something Mythlord called on us in regard of our latest mission which was, how could I say, not a complete success. I mean we did close the portal to yucky Gehenna but a few bad guys leaked out. < shiver > Fool dog breath. I think the Canoloth’s stench was the worst part of the ordeal but Nogard and Aravar disagree. Bah!

Anyway, here we were in this big room with the two future members of our mighty adventuring posse. The elven lord went on and on about how he was grateful that we had closed the portals and Bla Bla Blahhhhh. .. But then, thanks Ehlonna, somebody came in, saying that he had followed the Fiends to their hiding place. Cool some action! And I though I had to listen to the elven speeches for another hour or so! This day is starting to look really good. Mister Mythlord gave us access to some trinkets and, a few potions and wands later, we were ready to go clean the filth in Ptolus’ sewers. What is it with bad guys and sewers? I mean guys, go hide on top of trees and we’ll never find you but the sewers, its sooo predictable… And they stinks!

So here we are in the sewers, I’m further ahead, scouting for potential problems and ready to give advance warning (being invisible and flying kind of helps in that) and there I see a group of humans wearing rat skins. They appeared to have been in a fight and the only one standing was looking into a hole. Humm… ‘Maybe’, I thought to myself, ‘they where attacked by something that came from that hole’.

I go up to the man-dressed-as-a –rat’s shoulder and peer into the hole. It seemed to go down but nothing else I could see. Well there’s nothing like asking to know the answer. So I appeared and asked him. Well in retrospect appearing within 1 foot of somebody asking what’s in the hole might have been a little bit inconsiderate. I think I scared him so hard I think the poor guy lost control of himself. Not that it changed anything to the general stench of the area, but it took him a few minutes to recuperate and give us a summary of what had happened here.

It appears that some big crystal thing attacked them. During the fight, it smashed through the wall, bringing wit
h him his friend Tersa or something like that into what seems like a natural cave. He obviously had some feelings for the girl and he begged us to go and save her. Well it’s not like we’re on a schedule or something; the fiend would have to wait a bit, since we couldn’t just leave this poor girl to an uncertain fate. So down the hole we went.

The air was cooler here and we were surrounded by patches of giant mushrooms. We heard some fighting further away but Aravar and I immediately saw someone lying on the ground nearby. After investigation, what appeared to be Tersa was lying unconscious and had been recently bandaged by someone or something. A thought occurred to me: ‘What if what attacked them mistook them for ratmen’. I mean there IS a 3gp bounty for each rat tail brought back to the surface and these humans were disguised as ratmen. While I was investigating the girl and Nogard was healing her, the others met with a Crystal Troll. He was making no threatening gestures and it had just finished fighting against some sort of giant lizard. After a few minutes of gestures and grunts we did manage to understand that he did indeed take the humans for ratmen and that he bandaged the girl. He wanted our help to get out of this place and would help us in return… Like someone said before, this thing was a ‘freaking’ genius, I mean for a troll that is…

So we brought everybody backup to explain that it was a big misunderstanding. The grateful survivor, whose name I never though of asking, insisted on giving us his gear saying that he was retiring anyway. Some of us reacted with more enthusiasm than seemed proper but then again, I’m just a pixie, the Elven code of behavior can seems strange to one such as myself …

So we’re back on our journey to the Yugoloth’s lair. We arrived at a natural bridge at which point our newfound troll friend goes all “par or die, pay or die…”. O.K. I think you seriously need to enhance your vocabulary. But we suspected that the house on the other side of the bridge was his home but right now there was a bunch of thugs with a prisoner in tow. I had no idea that real estate was so scarce that the sewer would be such a thriving place (Chatty DM comment: Ha ha, very funny buster!).

Anyway, after some discussion with the thugs it became apparent that they were brutal and evil. They had cut their prisoner’s tongue and tied it onto a string around his neck. The moment the tongue was revealed we go to show them the error of their way. That did not last long as our might crushed them. So we ended up liberating the prisoner and that’s when Cixi went political on us… It appears that the guy was of house Rau which is supposedly at feud with Cixi’s own House. She took the tongue from him, forcing him to have it regrowth. That’s complete canoloth crap if you ask me! I hate politics… Yeah I know, I’m a fey and all our social aspects are based on politics. Well you’re human right? That does not automatically make you a Self-centered megalomaniac does it? There you go.

That being said, after this everything went smoothly and we finally reached the Yugoloth’s hideout. After some excellent scouting of the perimeter by your’s truly, Master Scout Extraordinaire, I spotted a a pattern in the Canoloth’s patrol. We then decided to exploit this pattern to synchronize our assault on their camp. The Canoloth was easily dispatched, as was his boss while all their ratmen servants were rendered useless by me blinding them with some Glitterdust… Hmm… I should call it, Fairy Dust, which some how rings a bell… Anyway the first thing we knew, the fight was over. Our new friends Cruguer and Cixi both made some massive damage in this fight and are going to be good addition to our adventuring group.

That completes the story of our last adventure.

Lillie, Writer Extraordinary… (okay, maybe not that extraordinary but hey this is my story 😉


  1. I think I owe this guy a few extra XPs….

    Great work Yan, Thanks a bunch!

  2. Saddly I did not take the media into account and would have made more paragraph to make it more readable and would have insert space for the emotion description like and . They currently do not show because it is interpreted as an HTML tag.

    Generally speaking I like the result. I really would appreciate to have the comment of other readers. Critics is after all an essential part for improving ourselves so shoot away.

    Just don’t aim for the vital please 😉

  3. Emoticons inserted back!

  4. Yo Yan, look at the cool Picture of Lillie I found!

  5. Very funny… I search for half an hour on google image to find it…