The start of a new thing

Shamus of DM of the Ring fame has completed his first Opus.

Before even letting the dust settle he presents us with his new comic over at the Fear the Boot site.

Like a lot of his readers I stumbled upon DM of the Ring quite by accident somewhere around the story arc of the 1st movie. If you’ve never heard of that guy, click on the link! Its pure RPG satire gold!

His new comic, Chainmail Bikini has a strangely familiar feel. It’s like finally meeting people you only chatted with. The 1st episode is promising (its funny actually, I’m being a bit of a snob here), is not a screen capture comic and has a nice artsy feel to it.

I wish Shamus (who has absolutely no idea who I am) best of luck. In my opinion, his potential as a webcartonist is equal to Penny Arcade and Questionable Content. Shamus, should you ever get a that point, I wish you a successful Cerebus and not a First and Ten.

Spoiler alert!

I’m actually debating with my friend Yan on Gtalk which character played whom in DM of the Ring comic. While the DM is self evident and so was Gimli, I felt that Josh was Legolas. Yan believes that, based on snarkyness and appearance, Josh actually played Aragorn. I’m not convinced.

What do you guys think?