Inq. of the Week: It's All About You?

Introspection - ReadersOur poll will continue through the week, asking you what you thought about the announcement of D&D 4th Edition, right now the majority seems to be cautiously optimistic which in my opinion is the best way to go. It definitely doesn’t hurt you to be hopeful about the product, and from what we’ve heard and seen it looks like Wizards is actually doing a good job of marketing and selling the ideas, not to mention actually coming up with some good ideas finally. The way to win us over is definitely to look at it as a game, and address the issues that have been discussed time and again with it.

At this point you may be wondering, “Why is the poll continuing through this week?” The answer is here! We have picked up quite a few new readers and commenters in the last few months and we are simply dying to know more about you! So if you’re reading this, if you’ve happened upon our site by chance, or if you come here regularly (and we love you dearly for it) then please tell us about yourself by commenting on this post.

Some things we’d love to know about you:

– Where are you from? We all primarily reside in Maryland, but you readers come from all over and we’d love to know more about where you’re visiting us from!

– How did you find us?

– Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for a day job? Hobbies? Interests? Bizarre fetishes? …things you love to discuss on a daily basis. Please share anything you’re comfortable sharing with us!

-What do you like to read about here? Are you a gamer, a YouTube fan, a comics fan, all of the above, none of the above?

This will hopefully not only serve to let us get to know you better, but also let all of our readers get to know each other!


  1. I’m from Maryland, though I spent a while for college in Ohio. I found us by founding the site. 🙂 I work as a Senior Technology Specialist for Kinko’s (so I fix computers and get free copies) and also as a freelance game designer/developer. Part of the reason I founded the site was so I could talk about all those things that I was interested in: games, comics, movies, what have you; I didn’t find anywhere that covered everything even though there was a lot of overlap in audiences. And I love to write.

  2. I figured we might as well start it off, as we definitely read each other’s writing quite a bit. I am Danny and obviously reside in Maryland, I work as a professional Architect / Designer all around the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia areas and I love to pretend (badly) that I know something about graphic design and illustration in my spare time. I play all kinds of board games, card games, and video games whenever the heck I can.

    What I most like to read here is the stuff provided by our less-frequent contributors. Denise’s book reviews (Librarian’s Tomes), DrScotto’s posts no matter what they’re about, The O, Foodist (aka Steve), and Joshxorfz’s posts are what fill out the site for me. Oh and of course Dave’s stuff, his Critical Threats are top-notch and I wish I could match them with anything of my own.

  3. “Where are you from?” I come from the Millennial Fair.
    “How did you find us?” I was reprogrammed to come here, before my eventual destruction in the future.
    “Tell us a little about yourself” I have metal joints.
    “What do you like to read about here?” People being beat up and earning silver points. And GATO demands more LOLcats!

  4. Where are you from?
    -I’m from Montreal but work in Hawaii.

    How did you find us?
    -I honestly don’t remember.

    Tell us a little about yourself.
    -Professionally I’m a computer programmer. Non-gaming hobbies: hockey and football. Fetish: ears (don’t ask).

    What do you like to read about here?
    -I’m all about table-top RPGs and enjoy the occasional Gaming humor.

    Keep up the great work guys.

  5. Where are you from?
    -I’m from Maryland and a long time friend of most of the staff, but currently go to Law School in Miami.

    How did you find us?
    – I’ve been around since the site’s inception.

    Tell us a little about yourself.
    – I’m a full-time law student and aspiring novelist. The former dominates a lot of my time and interferes a bit with the latter, but both endeavors are going splendidly.

    What do you like to read about here?
    – I like most of the posts, there’s no one column or person I’d single out as being bad… although Bartoneus’ ninja skills and mountain upbringing tends to rub me the wrong way.

  6. Where are you from?
    – I’m from Plant City, FL, but I’m currently residing in Miami…

    How did you find us?
    – I happened upon the site when I discovered that a link to my D&D video on youtube was being linked here…turns out it was youtube tuesday, and I had me a showcase…been a solid poster ever since…

    Tell us a little about yourself.
    – I’m an undergrad at the University of Miami double majoring in motion pictures and philosophy…a lot of my time is spent online or playing Guitar Hero…or in class…or at work…where I also play Guitar Hero…

    What do you like to read about here?
    – Love the inq. of the week and youtube tuesdays…I always check out the movie posts, be they reviews or just speculation…I’m not big into comics, so I tend to overlook those…after that, just about any random article, I’ll check out if it sparks my interest or I have nothing better to do…

  7. Wow, I had no idea we had two University of Miami students reading the same web page! And to think, now that I’m done my first year of law school I’ve been hankering for some D&D…

  8. Sweet!…I’ma gonna be heading down to the local Barnes&Noble to see if I can grab the corebooks in physical form…I am soooo close to having a group together…

  9. Lemme know if you ever want to get a game together maaaaan…

  10. just look up Dennis Twigg on the University of Miami facebook and friend me… I am definitely down but with school my schedule can get a bit erratic.

  11. Where are you from?
    Originally? Hollywood California.
    Now? Nashvile, Tennessee.

    How did you find us?
    Looking up blogs on game design

    Tell us a little about yourself.
    I work for a film production company, run by my Dad. I write comic books, screenplays, and am working on a really fun game with a few friends of mine, amongst other important endeavors!

    What do you like to read about here?
    Comic Books and Game Design.

  12. Oh, and you guys need to keep going.

  13. Where are you from?
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    How did you find us?
    Clicked on a post made by Bartoneus in the comments of another blog. He was the only other moderately reasonable (sane) person in the room, so I wanted to see his blog.

    Tell us a little about yourself…
    For a day job, I write software. Business medical stuff. Not real interesting. I play video games as often as I can get away with it, which is my main interest in being here.

    What do you like to read about here?
    I really enjoy reading any sort of game or game design descussion (even though I don’t participate, having no practical experience myself). I skip the comic stuff, because I don’t read them, and youtube is blocked at work, so I don’t bother with them either.

  14. joshx0rfz says:

    Where am I from?

    How did I find you?
    Bartoneus answered my personal ad

    About me?
    I’m Joshx0rfz. I’m a bitter angry CS major at UMD. I use to play in WGTour with broodwar and ranked somewhat highly in Warcraft 3 (original and frozen throne). Now I’ve become much more of a casual gamer.

    What do I like to read about?
    I actually generally enjoy reading all the articles and then telling people why they are right or wrong (if it’s Bartoneus, why he is wrong).

  15. Hi guys,

    I too am from Montreal, born and bred.

    I found the site while googgling for D&D stuff. I’m preety sure I found the Tom and his friends video here 1st. Been lurking ever since.

    I’m a Quality Assurance guy, working in a Human Genetics lab at The Montreal Heart Institute. (Think CSI meets Frakenstein).

    My main hobbies are tabletop gaming, mostly DMing the latest version of D&D and getting creamed at Magic The Gathering.

    I’m married with young kids (5 and 4) and I’m shaping them up to be gamers both, to my wife’s despair (she’s not a gamer, but she ‘gets’ it).

    I’m an extremely meta-(insert subject here) person and this site offers a lot of insight in metagaming. I like the humour also. But most of all, I like your moderate stance on hot gaming issues such as Fallout and D&D 4e.

    So keep up the good work guys.


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