Inquisition of the Week: D&D 4e Reaction

phb40.jpgLast week, we presented the nominations for Best YouTube of the Year, and had you select your favorites. And the winner is… COLLEGE SAGA! Congratulations to Mark Leung for creating such an awesome video and sharing it with the world. Second place went to the hilarious and oft-quoted 300 Rated PG. To those of you who did not vote, I still encourage you to check out all the nominees- the poll entries link to each one so you can check them out.

GenCon seems to be the new place for publishers to announce their big new games. Fantasy Flight announced that they’re reprinting two classics: Cosmic Encounter and Dune (albeit without the actual Dune license, rethemed to fit the Twilight Imperium universe.)

But of course, nothing could come close to overshadowing the announcement of Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition. Like certain other sequels, it has been met with a mix of excitement and snark, with some fans proclaiming doom and others proclaiming the next big thing. There are those who don’t trust anything Wizards does (especially those who felt ripped off by the release of 3.5), but the market has spoken that gamers will pay for all new books every 4-5 years, and in the words of D&D’s former brand manager, not making new editions is like leaving money sitting on a table.

But as always, we here at Critical Hits are on hand to take the pulse of the industry. Knowing what little we do about the new edition, just based on your gut reaction to the announcement:

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  1. Is that the official announced/released cover? I really loved the clever covers they used for 3e and I’m interested to see where they’re going with the books aesthetically. Thankfully it looks like they are using WAR a lot, which is always a good idea!

  2. I think they’re subject to a little change, but I’m sure it’s pretty darn close. The other covers are here, about 2/3 the way down:

    I know that they are doing full page artwork covers again, and dropping the “magic textbook” look of all the 3.x books.

  3. While it is an inside joke, I was expecting some sort of “Sometimes it’s just good to get back to basics” option for the poll. As an aside, what’s the rough-estimate for a release date for the PHB/MM/DMG?

  4. B. D. & D.!

    Pain in Campain.

    Imagine a world without psionics.

    Dakka Dakka Dakka.

  5. I’m psyched…but I’ll probably nly be buying the corebooks…then pirating others as I tend to do…

    The Macbook is all I need…

  6. O: Yeah, I missed the back to basics joke…
    The PHB launches May of next year, DMG month after, MM month after that.

  7. joshx0rfz says:

    Are they redoing the licensing thing?

  8. They’re now saying flat out that there will be an Open Gaming License and System Reference Document for D&D4e, meaning that anyone can produce material for D&D still. It *sounds* like there will be an option offered by Wizards to the “best” producers of such content to have the actual D&D logo slapped on their products for a fee, but that’s more of a branding issue than a producing content issue.


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