The Rule of the modern Blog

I’ve been reading blogs for about 2 years if you count Webcomics newsposts. I’ve also read that a lot of people got in trouble because of their own blogs (Lost thier jobs usually). I would love to find the links but I’m lazy and I don’t want to spend that much time on this. So in the spirit of all future Bloggers (like there are any reading this, ha ha) I give you

The Moron-Proof Golden Rule of Blogging

  • Write your Blog by assuming your Boss, your wife/gf/mom and your worst enemy will read it.

I’m trying to think of other rules but that one pretty much clinches it all (feel free to add more). Actually the rule applies to corporate e-mails too. I should know, I had an unfortunate, well deserved experience with job e-mails. I’ve learned since then :)



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