Back to gaming: Mana Screw!!!!!

Ok enough about travel stuff and financial editorials. I’m back from my vacation so this means I’m back into the gaming mood.

As most married-with-a-life Casual Magic the Gathering player, I have a love-hate relationship with this game. Like most of my gaming buddies that play D&D and Magic, we have very limited time to play. A few hours every 2 weeks at the most. I see these gaming evening or 1/2 days as shining nuggets of good stuff…

… and then I spend this hard-earned nugget of free time being freaking mana screwed for 2 straight 2-headed giant games ! Sigh.

I’m not a sore loser, and I am philosophical enough to accept that sometimes the Gods of Magic just plain hate you, but last Friday was a Epic level Mana Screwed night. I don’t usually have significant Mana issues with my deck, I usually play between 22 and 24 lands per 60 card deck, well balanced color-wise with a classic mana curve. I mean, I have read a gazillion Magic articles on Starcity in the last 5 years…. some of it finally stuck. But last Friday… just wow!

What’s frustrating also is that when you play in team games, the mana screw also ends up affecting your buddy’s enjoyment of his evening.

Thanks god my friends are good sports and were not mean about it…. But hear me oh gods of cardboard crack. I’ve burnt thousands of dollars on your 5 color altar, next time I want a full evening of god draws!!!!

(Well to be perfectly honest, I’ve been having god draws on a regular basis for quite a number of nights before…. I guess that last friday was just a friendly reminder by the gods that what they Giveth, can and will be taketh away)….. Oh well, gotta go to the card store!

Oh and thanks Math for the Bird of Paradise (my first) and Royal Assassin (my 2nd). This was a good trade!

Peace out boys!