Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

This weekend I had a chance to see the final movie of the Matt Damon is a Badass trilogy, better known as The Bourne Ultimatum. I am unexplainably compelled to watch trilogies, and I was no different with respect to Bourne. Here is a relatively spoiler-free review of this movie.

In the final chapter of Jason Bourne’s movie career, Matt Damon remains true to the character. This is the same Jason Bourne that we saw in the previous movies, a feat not always accomplished by other actors. The other actors in the movie also do a good job of portraying believable conflicts in a believable situation. For me, the best part of all of the movies was the realistic storyline that stemmed from Robert Ludlum’s novels. While I have not read these books, I hear they are fantastic and possibly worth checking out.

The other thing I appreciated about the first two movies was watching Matt Damon beat the hell out of people. While this is still an element in The Bourne Ultimatum, the focus has left this aspect of the character a bit. Instead of constantly fighting for his life, Damon takes the fight to the government as he seeks the truth about his identity. This turns the movie into an unraveling of the mystery of Jason Bourne, instead of a film about fighting and surviving. To be honest, I was less interested in discovering the truth about Jason Bourne than I was in watching Matt Damon beat up extras. As such, this was my least favorite Bourne movie.

However, the movie was able to keep up a non-stop pace despite the draw back of identity discovery. The movie moves very quickly from one scene to the next, rarely giving the audience a chance to relax. It is for this reason that I would recommend this movie to everyone who has scene the first two in the series. If you have not yet seen any of the Jason Bourne films though, The Bourne Ultimatum is not a reason to start.

Score: 2 out of 5

Making sense out of drscotto’s five point scale:

1 – This movie is horrible. Do not bother.

2 – Only hardcore fans of the genre or type should consider this movie.

3 – Pretty good movie. Several flaws make it difficult to give a higher score, but fans of the genre will love it, as well as some others.

4 – Great movie! A fabulous film that either has one or two minor flaws, or a superb title that just would not appeal to everyone. In addition, movies may fall into this category because they just do not quite live up to the level of a 5.

5 – Spectacular movie, as it is excellent in content, creativity, and expectations. Everyone, no matter the genre, can also enjoy this movie.


  1. I saw the first 2 and will be seeing the third, thanks for the review.

  2. There are several holes in the plot on the third movie. Lets start with the first and most obvious. We find out that the reporter is getting his inside information from a man named Daniels who was previously involved Treadstone. The CIA is totally oblivious to this reporter and that fact that he is writing columns about a man named Jason Bourne. But as soon as he utters the words “Black Stone” on his cell phone, everyone goes nuts! Then, the movie never reveals the reason that Daniels stuck his neck out there and exposed the whole operation. What motivation did he have for opening up after all these years? The movie ends with the conviction of the bad guys who reopened Treadstone. What were the charges? Why was that operation illegal? The CIA is involved in several undercover and subversive operations, why were they convicted? Were they using it for personal gain? Were they making money off this operation? I loved the Bourne movies, but I can’t recommend this one. The questions and holes in this movie are innumerable.

  3. Two stars is a bit harsh… at least three IMHO