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While discussing about Webcomics with my friends the other day I got the idea of listing the ones I read regularly and those I have read in the past.

Comics I created (hey, self promotion, it works!)

Reading now:

  • Girl Genius: Beautifully drawn Techno-Gaslight Action ! My favorite Comic!
  • Gunnerkrigg Court: A techno-fantasy tale set in a very special British boarding school.  Awesome storytelling, mixing Neil Gaiman and Harry Potter tropes with a supercool female character.
  • Order of the Stick: One of the best D&D comics around!
  • Questionable Content: This one is truly a must read! It’s like Friends, only funnier!
  • Goblins: One of the Best D&D themed comics. Funny and intense. The fight scenes take forever but it’s so worth it. Updates have become very slow… probably because Tarol Hunt needs to buy food and stuff.
  • Darth and Droids: A Screen-cap comic in the style of DM of the Ring about Roleplaying through the 6 Star Wars movies.
  • Penny Arcade: A classic. Video Games humour and comments

Reading occasionally:

  • PVP Online: The 1st web comic I read. Very funny, the 1st 100 strips or so. The humor ends up felling recycled by the 20th time Brent get’s mauled by a Panda.
  • 8-bit theater: 8-bit Final Fantasy goodness
  • Evil Inc.: About a supervillain Corporation.
  • Good Ship Chronicles: A reality show based on a spaceship.  Very witty, detailed-oriented humour at it’s best!

Feel free to give your favorite comics in the comments and I’ll add them in this post.

Reader created comics:

  • Cat’s Grace: by Cayzle, Overflowing with geeky D&D references and puns.
  • Orcusville by Steveill the Weevill: Pits our favorite Demon lord of the undead with other wacky characters. I’m not sure I get the humour yet but maybe I will soon.

Reader Submitted Comics:

Other D&D strips to enjoy:


  1. Beside those you’ve written (Goblins, Girl genius and Dm of the ring) these are the one I follow the most in no particular order:



    Questionable Content (This one is truly a must read!)

    Schlock Mercenary

    Evil Inc.

    Penny and Aggie

  2. Added them to the list, thanks Yan. You’re right, questionnable content is very good.

  3. F&*k! After 185 strips they still haven’t had sex???? Yan you are a Masochist!

  4. Lol… Be patient. Don’t they say; The longer the wait, the better the … 😉

  5. Read all QC in 4 days. It’s a great strip. And worth the frustration. Reminds me of Friends, only raunchier and, like, actually good! (Nah, I’m not that cool, I loved Friends… at least the good seasons)

  6. The following are some of the best ones that I read. All worth checking out.

    Looking for Group

    Least I Could Do (same author as above)

    Real Life – The Online Comic

    ExtraLife – Scott Johnson’s Comics, Podcasts, Blog, Artwork, Humor and MORE!

    xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language

    Orneryboy by Michael Lalonde

    The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (read from the beginning)

    Good Ship Chronicles by Tauhid Bondia

  7. Ahhhh no!!!!! New Webcomics goodness, must…. not… click… 🙂

    Thanks man!

  8. Hope you all don’t mind me pushing my own D&D Web comic: Cat’s Grace.

    Other D&D strips to enjoy:
    Fuzzy Knights
    Dungeons and Dorks
    Full Frontal Nerdity

  9. Lol you’re quite the Pun Meister Cayzle…. funny stuff.

    Self promotion, when done with style, is more than welcome here. I do it in my own way 🙂

    Thanks for the links.

  10. Woah, My eyes are bleeding from the puns in that thing Cay zle… and English is my second language! 🙂

    Good Stuff!

  11. Updated with all the good stuff! Thanks!

  12. From Irregular Webcomic! here’s a very nice ongoing webcomic that i’m currently following and is of the spirit of DM of the Rings:
    Darths and Droids

  13. Yeah I was reading that too… thanks for the reminder… updated…

  14. Sandrinnad says:

    Weregeek (a friend just introduced me to this recently. The name says it all 🙂 )

    these ones….well, they’re not specifically gaming-related, but they are tangentially associated 😀

    Unshelved, the library comic strip (great fun and they do a book review every Sunday)

    Wapsi Square (the supernatural stuff starts a little ways in)

  15. Thanks Sandrinnad! I’m reading them this morning.

  16. Giggles says:

    Oh believe me, I have many webcomics I’m reading that you could possibly enjoy.

    Dark Legacy is really good. Full of many WoW related jokes. XD

    Dominic Deegan is one of my absolute favorites right now. I read it daily.

    Sinfest is also good. I think I may be going to hell for reading some of the strips, though, lol.

    Dungeons and Denizens is interesting. It’s about the random monsters INSIDE the dungeons, lol.

    There’s a few more I read, but I dunno if they’ll interest you or not, lol. 😛

  17. Sinfest! I haven’t read that one in ages!

    Thanks Giggles!

  18. Kinda nicely written actually. 🙂

    dekors last blog post..Ny bildekor till demobil

  19. Which one dekor?

    Welcome to the blog BTW! =)

  20. Your post ofc, now i’ll have to read ’em all (or at least check ’em out). 🙂 Lists of your sort is always good if one just seeks MORE of some sort of category and want a real human being to actually have said something about it etc.

    Thanks btw. 🙂

    dekors last blog post..Ny bildekor till demobil

  21. How about Dork Tower?

  22. Good idea, will add shortly! Thanks!

  23. I'm a Douche trying to put links on Blogs says:

    Some great comic like the good ship chronicles in particular thanks for posting

  24. Thanks for your Comment Graham. I hope you won’t mind I de-linked it and changed your name to something more appropriate.

    If you want to advertise on this website, please contact me so we can discuss a commercial partnership.