Got Sunshine?

sunshine.jpgAll hell has apparently broken out at Critical Hits, because a food blogger is posting…

I contacted Das Game last week after returning from a late opening night showing of Sunshine begging to be allowed to post my thoughts on the film and with his just and merciful hand has allowed me to do so, so without further small talk..

When I first saw the very short and very cryptic trailer for Sunshine a few months ago I was only slightly interested in this “End of the world as we know it, and only scientists in a space ship can save us” flick. But as the release came closer and closer and I heard nothing new and saw no new trailers about the film my curiosity peaked. It seemed that the movie was either being overlooked, and rightly so at the time with such blockbusters as Transformers, Ratatouille, and Live Free or Die Hard on the proverbial horizon, or being kept under heavy wrap.

I saw it was out when I saw the midnight showing of The Simpsons and made it a point to buy tickets for the next day. Evening came the next day and I headed off to one of the only three showings of the film, curious but not overly excited and fully expecting a disappointment (Much like I had received the previous night at the hands of The Simpsons Movie).

Boy was I dead freaking wrong…

Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Trainspotting) has outdone himself.

The movie is not only visually AMAZING, but the plot, character development, and feel of the movie grab you, bolt you to the seat, and force your eyes to the screen as if you were being forced to watch. The urge to use the bathroom, get a snack, or just look away from the screen never came once. Not once. From the time the movie rolled to the time the end credits I do not remember taking my eyes off the screen once.

For the uninformed, the movie is based in the not so far future. The sun has began its inevitable cycle of death and has left the earth is the cusp of a solar winter. Each month that passes the earth falls darker and colder. We are placed then on Icaris II, where a ship of scientists whose mission is to deliver the largest explosive payload ever created to the heart of the sun is attempting to create a star within a star, jump-starting our dying sun.

What unfolds over the course of the movie, at first, is what you expect from such a movie. Disaster, choices about our humanity, and just plain space stuff. But what happens as you are drawn more and more into the dilemma facing the crew and the fate of the world is something otherworldly.

There are very few “End of Days” type movies I truelly enjoy. Armageddon was pop crap, Solaris was mind numbingly boring, and The Core was, well, I’m not even going to touch that one… Sunshine delivers where all others have failed. Facing the fact that in the end we are human, frail and weak but able to accomplish the greatest task in the face of overwhelming peril.

I won’t tell you anymore about the film; the plot demands I spoil nothing for you to enjoy it entirely. If you really want to see a trailer or see anything about the movie I emplore you to view the basic trailer and not the extended ones, they give away FAR FAR too much about the movie. The plot twists and development were some of the best aspects about this film and by viewing any other trailer but the basic you really risk ruining the experience I hope you have seeing the film.

So, If you want to see a movie this weekend.. screw The Simpsons Movie… GO SEE SUNSHINE!!

and for your convenience here’s a link to the basic trailer.


  1. Thanks for the review. This one had completely slipped under my radar. If I were a studio, I would have held back from releasing it until the summer swarm of movies was done.

    And for food blogging, maybe we can get you to do some recipes for gamers next!

  2. Critical Tastes!

  3. “It’s like a critical hit… in my mouth!”

  4. Teeth suffer 100 dmg, Tongue dies

  5. I’m going to go see it tonight…I’ll have to drive an extra couple miles, but from what I’ve heard, it should be worth it…

  6. It was…

  7. i hate to be that guy.. but.. TOLD YOU SO!!

    fan-fucking-tastic wasnt it?!

  8. I’m not sure this is a “told you so” moment…I never thought otherwise to begin with…

    That movie makes me want to stare at the sun for long periods of time again…

    Also, colourblindness isn’t as fun as you’d think…

  9. That way, every movie could be like the movie Pi!

  10. Pi’s not in colour?…huh…