Farscape to Return?

farscape-crew.jpgMaybe that’s part of the reason that Stargate SG-1 folded: to get Ben Browder and Claudia Black available again. According to SciFiWire, Farscape has been picked up as a ten episode web series. To quote the article:

” SCI FI Channel will revive its popular original show Farscape as a Web-based series of short films on SCIFI.COM’s SCI FI Pulse broadband network, part of a slate of new original online programming.

SCI FI has ordered 10 webisodes of Farscape, to be produced by Brian Henson and Robert Halmi Jr. and produced by The Jim Henson Co., in association with RHI Entertainment.

The series will expand the Farscape universe, but the network had no announcements on casting or premiere dates. ”

As Warren Ellis points out, we don’t yet know if you’ll have to pay for the privilege of watching the shows online, or if they will just make money via advertising and DVD. Still good news for Farscape fans, especially ones like me who weren’t totally happy with how the Peacekeeper Wars

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  1. Maybe I missed something, does Warren Ellis write for Farscape? I checked IMdB but he isn’t credited there, is he a writer, just a fan, or does he do industry blogging/reviewing?

    Just curious, I follow his comics whenever they make it to shelves planetary, and if he wrote for that show, I’d go give it a look.

    /enlighten me.

  2. Nope. But as someone interested in both science fiction and new ways of content delivery, he blogged about it. That’s the extent of his interest as far as I know (from what I gather he’s not even a fan of the show.)

  3. Cool news, though I’m on the fence over being excited or not. I mean peace keeper wars was… well not very good and it’s not like Ben did a very good job “acting” in SG1.

    I guess if it is free on Scifi.com, I will watch (and hopefully enjoy) the show. Otherwise, it’s just Eurika and Battle Star for me 🙂

  4. It’s not like the SG1 writers did a very good job “writing” for Ben either.