NerdNews Rundown

He-ManDespite being currently infatuated with the recent Pirates movie, I am bringing one final news rundown to you before I head out for the weekend.  As such, here is a pirate-free news report.

He-Man Movie Planned

Dark Horizons is reporting that Warner Brothers is planning a live action movie entitled “Masters of the Universe.”  The following is a quote from the report: “The new version reimagines the property as Prince Adam (He-Man) being a solider who stumbles upon the magical world Eternia where the evil Skeletor is using a technology-fueled army to wipe out all traces of magic.”  He-Man was my favorite cartoon as a child so I am cautiously optimistic about this film.

Final Fantasy XIII Will Have to Wait

Fans of Square Enix’s popular RPG series Final Fantasy will be disappointed to know that IGN is reported a delay in the release.  This PS3 exclusive title was originally planned to be release in this fiscal year.  However, the company’s official Yoichi Wada had this to say: “It will still take a bit more time. At the very least, [a release] this fiscal year is definitely out of the question.”

PS3 Update Now Available

The newest update for the PS3 (as of Thursday), includes support of the Bluetooth wireless device system.  PS3 users will now be able to use this wireless feature for peripherals such as keyboards and mice.  Additionally, the new update will contain a QWERTY keyboard on-screen display.  Other features, such as a download manager, and support for the Stanford research project Folding@home have been included. 

Have You Considered the Price of Xbox 360 Games?

Charges for extras associated with Xbox 360 games are increasing the cost to consumers.  Often these extras, such as terrain maps, bonus features, and other add-ons are available for purchase through Xbox Live.  These charges in addition to the $50 annual fee to use the online service can raise the overall cost of games to $75 or more!  Think about that the next time you think you are buying a $50 video game for your new console.

Dell Makes Deal with Wal-Mart

The New York Times is reporting that on June 10th Dell will begin to sell computers in Wal-Mart stores around the country.  Bob Pearson, a company spokesman said: “While we can’t get into specifics, in the coming quarters there will be additional activity in support of this move into global retail.”  This announcement marks the first time Dell will sell any of its products in a retail store.

That is all the news for now everyone.  Have a great holiday weekend, as I will be back next week with more of the most interesting news in the entertainment and technology world.  I am glad to take time to do the searching so you do not have to!