Heroes and 24 End Seasons on Vastly Different Notes

Cast of HeroesNow that a few days have gone by since their conclusions on Monday night, let us reflect back on the season for two of the best shows on television. NBC’s Heroes and Fox’s 24 are in direct competition with each other, as they both air Monday nights at 9:00pm EST. Before we ask the question you are all waiting to respond to, how about we look back at each shows run.


This was the first year of the hit television show, Heroes. It told the story of several unique individuals who had developed special powers through evolution. Powers such as flight, invisibility, telekinesis, time manipulation, foresight, super strength, and regeneration were some of the more often used powers. However, that is a microcosm of the world of super powers opened up by the show. Without spoiling the show, the “heroes” led different lives that became interconnected and culminated with their gathering in the final episode of the first season.

Before the show ended, a brief introduction to the next chapter of the show was presented. In case you missed it, or missed any episodes for that matter, you can watch them at NBC’s website. The creator of the show, Tim Kring, is quoted as saying, “We could have new people and new storylines and new ideas and new threats and new bad guys and new heroes. So I would prepare the audience for that idea, that it’s not just a continuing serialized storyline about only these people. It’s a little more the 24 model than the Lost model.” Fans of the show should stay tuned for additional updates. For now, you can check out the Heroes website for NBC exclusive material known as “Inside Heroes.” This website provides information about the character’s backgrounds and other information about the hit show.


Once heralded as the most unique show ever created, 24 has just wrapped up its sixth season. Once again Jack Bauer battled terrorists, the federal government, and foreign agents as he protected the country. However, this season through in an interesting twist, as Bauer did battle with his father. Without spoiling the show, many people have criticized the ending of the show as being not 24-like. There was no cliffhanger for next year, as the writers instead chose to peacefully end the show with a sunrise. Whether or not you thought it was fitting, it was different, and it gives the show a chance to go in any direction it chooses. The show needed the ability to make a fresh start in the minds of many, as lots of viewers have become irritated with 24’s predictability. Incidentally, if you missed any episodes of the show this season, you can watch them here.

Concluding Thoughts, Impressions, and Questions

Personally, I enjoyed both shows this year and watched them religiously. I made a point to watch both shows on television and catch up on episodes I missed online the following day. I have been a long time 24 fan and am excited for a potential change of pace next year. Though, anything the writers choose to do must include Jack Bauer being a bad ass, or else it just would not be the same. Though perhaps that is the idea. Heroes really peaked my interest as the show went on and I am interested to see a new story unfold. I hope that the old characters will continue to develop as the new characters are introduced in unique ways. The sky is the limit for this new show!

Now, for the questions you have been dying to answer! For those of you who watched the shows this year, what were your impressions of them? Did you enjoy them, hate them, or feel relatively indifferent? Did you prefer one of these shows to the other? Which ending do you think fit best? Finally, what would like to see in either 24 or Heroes next season?


  1. Heroes is having a MASSIVE 30 epsiode season next year, including a six episode “mini-season” called “Origins.” Basically each of these episodes are about a new character with powers, and at some point the viewers vote on which of these new characters joins the main cast.

    Bring it on!

    (PS I thought the season finale was very ‘meh.’ Company Man and Five Years Later were probably my faves this season.)

  2. I’ll probably try to watch more episodes of heroes at some point in the future, when I feel like dying slowly from the inside. We’ll see if it actually gets better later into the season, or if you all simply got used to the suck.

  3. heroes isn’t so bad, I need something to take my mind off of folding the laundry.

  4. Lost fin was better than both.

  5. I’d concur with the D, because the Lost finale was great, but I didn’t watch either of the other two so I can’t really say.

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  7. Sorry, had to kill it, but you’ve preserved the awesomeness for the ages anyway.


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