Comic Snap Reviews 5-18-07


You know the drill: some spoilers ahead.

Action Comics #849: The resolution to this filler (?) arc, as Superman delves into the notion of faith in order to figure out how to stop a faith-based superhero. MEH

All-Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder #5: Wow. If you thought previous issues were over the top, wait until you get this one, with the Justice League discussing what to do about Batman (and the Frank Miller Wonder Woman is… something else?), Batman mutilating a group of crooks and telling their intended victim to not call the ambulance for them, a retelling of Batman’s origin, and the only part with Robin is where he picks up an axe. Man, what a big mess. I have to give it a MISS but still recommend reading it!

Countdown #50: Hmm, hard to say about this one so far. How many of the characters know about the multiverse existing again? Does Joker say he doesn’t have a daughter because he’s crazy, dimensional screwup, or the fact that in continuity she never really was his daughter? Mysteries are all well and good, but the reader should know which part is a mystery. However, Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery are interesting to watch (especially Mirror Master doing upside-down cocaine) and Mary Marvel’s story remains interesting and grounded despite dealing with the weirdness of magic. Still a MEH.

Exiles #94: I was surprised how satisfying the ending was of this one and how much emotional impact there was in it. However, I still can’t get by Claremont’s old school approach, by having characters talk to themselves, brag about their powers while fighting, tell instead of show, etc. MEH, but better if you’re into that sort of thing.

Fables #61: The plot continues to thicken as we find out about Frau Tottenkinder’s spies and other resources. And Fly’s (and the Forsworn’s Knight’s) destiny seems to be showing up, but we’re not sure how. I’m expecting the big war in another 6-8 issues. What consistently impresses me about this series is how so many plot threads can be left dangling, but not in a bothersome way, then picked up later on seamlessly. HIT


Mighty Avengers #3: Thought balloons, still annoying (except for the above example) and I doubt that SHIELD has any problem remembering the chain of command in a crisis, but still a pretty fun issue that has made Ultron into a badass (and in a form that Cho wanted to draw.) Oh, and Hank Pym tries to hook up with Tigra, and it’s pretty funny. HIT

The Goon Satan’s Sodomy Baby: Well worth the wait. Hilarious as always. What other comic lampoons all religions in the span of a page, has a public service announcement about anal sex with Mr. T, and then makes fun of comics fans that love nudity? HIT

Supergirl #17: The art’s better, the story’s better, and there’s character development. Pretty surprising. And, a last page reveal that comes out of nowhere but also kinda makes sense? HIT

Flash #12: Is time travel, when executed properly, what makes the Flash series work? I’m not sure, but this was a damn fine issue, with the secret plans of villian and hero revealed. HIT

Ultimates #13: Speaking of worth the wait… uhh, not really, this story can’t have been hard to write, though the four page pullout in the middle probably had more to do with it. I’m not really spoiling anything by saying that the Ultimates win, and they split off from the government, and that’s basically the end. Still, for the epic-ness of it all, and the art, still gotta go with HIT.

Justice League of America #9: Any issue with Gorilla City can’t be all bad, right? With such a huge cast of characters (JLA, JSA, LoSH, and three classic villians looking on) it’s hard to keep a handle on everything going on. There are some fun moments to be had with witty banter and relationships, but the story is just too big to really get into. MEH

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