Spiderman 3: The Verdict?

Spidersense, tingling?I’m going to keep this short and relatively vague so as to not ruin anything for everyone who has not seen Spiderman 3 yet.  The gist:  Spiderman 3 is a good movie, with some very terrible parts to it. I still recommend going to see it, inevitably most of you would do so no matter what I said, but don’t go into it expecting an amazing movie (complete) movie experience and you just might come out of it with a sunnier disposition then I did.

The villains of the movie are positively fantastic, Topher Grace and Thomas Hayden Church could have been the whole movie on their own.  The pacing was done well in the sense that the movie never really dragged until the very end, and the writing and acting were perhaps a notch or two up from the second installment (take that as you will).  The special effects are superb, but the overall film/directing quality seemed to be suffering, which could perhaps partially be chalked up to the remnant non-digital format of movie theaters.

The terrible parts of the movie should be obvious, and I really think they were done simply to prevent 10-year-olds from crying because Spiderman is acting like a big dumb-head.  However, for me, it felt like the excruciating twist of a spear in the character’s side.  Thankfully, the movie picks up by leaps and bounds before the ending and there are still a ton of things to enjoy along the way.  Please feel free to discuss/disagree in the comments, but at least for a few days let’s try not to majorly spoilz anything for the slow (ie -friendless and movie theater shy) amongst us.


  1. I’d like to request a spoiler filled section where I can get a better idea of your complaints, or at least where I could discuss them.

    I haven’t seen it yet, but my biggest fear from the start was that it felt like there was too much to fit into 2 hours. I kind of like it when a movie takes a breath every once in a while, but maybe that’s just a personal preference.

  2. Still going to avoid spoilers, but I would say there was a lot to fit into the time of the movie, but I would also say they did it quite well. You’ll most likely feel that the movie is a bit quick, if your tatstes are for slower movies, but I wouldn’t say it had too much going on.

    The main problems I had with it were that 2-3 scenes were just downright stupid, and did not seem in the movie-spiderman character. I hope that helped a bit Abe.

  3. Sucilaria says:

    Just for the record, I disagree with my dear husband’s take on Spidey. Now, being as in-hate as I am with X-3, I can understand where he’s coming from; however, I feel that the bits of “silliness” that were the main complaint of many a reviewer were essential to the characterization – yes, the dancing was painful, but it’s supposed to be! Even when he’s acting cool, Peter is a nerd!!! Especially coming from a comic that thrives upon a dichotomy of humor vs. serious emotional issues, I feel that the movie was not out of line.

  4. I feel like Spidey III should be subtitled “A series on unlikely coincidinces exaxerbated by poor communication skills.

    An enjoyable movie, but the entire middle portion just needs to be take with a grain of salt and laughed at.

  5. Kinda like that war of the worlds remake?

    You spend half of the movie fighting to forget the premises just so you can hope to enjoy the big scenes?

  6. See Abe, now you bring in a movie I really enjoyed all the way through, War of the Worlds. Why do you need to forget the premise of that movie? There may be one or two problems with the plot, but it’s certainly no Mission to F-ing Mars blackhole filled crap fest?

    In response to the Main Event’s comment, everyone already has to take Spiderman movies with a grain of salt, the entire idea demands it, but when I’m brought upon the need to add an addition salting on top of that, the experience obviously becomes…salty.

    When you mention that the Spiderman comics and cartoons are a mix of silly with serious I agree, but when bringing these things into a live-action movie format, a certain level of seriousness…or, moreso, a level of believability needs to be applied. Singing and dancing like a damned stooge does not fit into the medium for myself. Parts of those very scenes were done quite well, I admit, but the other parts singe the eyes like staring into the noon-day sun.

  7. Okay, that’s better. Now I have to go see the movie.

  8. There are several problems with this film. One of the major issues I have is the enormity of trying to bring all the storylines together and resolve them in a satisfying manner. It’s too much. TOO MUCH. I won’t spoil here, but the plot development and the character development is forced into a kettle and stirred until it slops over the side of the movie.

    That being said, there were also a couple moments which were embarrassing and I can only assume they may have seemed like good ideas in the cutting room, but for God’s sake, didn’t they do a preview? Didn’t the people seeing this complain? I won’t detail here what I am talking about except to say that Peter should never be that light in the loafers.

  9. The movie was totally over the map for me: some parts I really liked, and some parts I didn’t (though the parts that people seem to strongly dislike didn’t bother me.) I think when trying to do this much, you need to unify more. There’s a lot of stuff that could have been combined, but yeah, like the others, I’ll save it for the spoiler thread.

  10. Can a spolier thread be started now?

  11. Real Thing says:

    I’m still trying to regain my manlihood after watching this movie. Yeah, it was that bad.

  12. it sucked a load of crap!!!!!!

  13. i think spider man 3 was great i was crying when PETERS BEST FRIEND died. he also was mean but in the end he was good.peters best friend
    also liked mary jane but peters best friend died so peter married mary jane

    some bits were happy some were boring so i went on the computer then i came back and watched it and some were alright and some were sad. because i missed some i’ll watch it again on dvd coz i got it on dvd i got number 1 2 and 3 does anyone watch high school musical if you do its better but its still ok. if you dont you should watch it its more than great.

    rico and the others who said mean comments you should watch it again and coz you said mean things you are piloks and idiots. sorry you are nice coz high school musical is better.