Tech News Now

Here is the latest news in the world of technology.

  1. PS3Sony has announced that it will no longer make the 20 gigabyte version of the PS3. All in all, this does not really matter, because this version of the PS3 was severely handicapped when compared to the 60 gigabyte model. Still, gamers no longer have the option to spend a still not affordable $499 for the system.
  2. G4 has announced that their specialized website for the Nintendo Wii has launched. When surfing on over to the website, your console should be automatically recognized, and the bonus features should be immediately available.
  3. Guitar Hero I songs are available for purchase for the Xbox 360 through Xbox Live. Each song will cost a whopping $2. Keeping in mind that you can purchase Guitar Hero I with a guitar controller on the PS2 for $59, the cost of $2 per song is excessively expensive. These songs should probably cost less than a buck a piece.
  4. Myspace users will be pleased to know that their free speech writes are protected. An Indiana court ruled that a juvenile’s rights to use expletives to describe her high school principle on Myspace are protected under the first amendment.

Perhaps I will be vigilant and provide continuing tech updates. We’ll see.


  1. I was under the impression that the 60gb PS3’s had been selling -less- then the 20gb, but according to Amazon and many other sources the 20gb version has actually been sucking nuts.

    Thanks for the updates, Scotto!

  2. joshx0rfz says:

    20 gb really isn’t that much for storage these days. The ridiculousness of that situation doesn’t beat the gouging microsoft is attempting with the larger 360 hard drives. I think it is $100+ for the big harddrive. I hardly have any stuff on my 360 and my harddrive is half full!