Turtle Power!

TMNTWe’ve spent so much time here at Critical-Hits in awe over the wonder that is 300 for the past couple of weeks, that we critically failed in bringing coverage on a different movie. A movie that does not rely on eight pack abs and buns of steel to appeal to its audience. Enough of that. I’m not here to bad mouth that other action movie in theatres right now (I have done enough of that on the forums), but to revel in the excellence that is TMNT.

In case you have been asleep for the past two weeks, here was an Attack of the Show exclusive featuring an extended trailer.

Having recently seen the movie, I can tell you that it is not as campy as the original movies. The writers tried to do more to be true to the comic books, and I believe they did a good job. There is at times a very dark tone to accompany the ninja action and humor that we are all accustomed to seeing from the turtles. This combination blends the absurd with the serious and the result is the best CGI ninja movie in the world! (Are there other CGI ninja movies?)


  1. See, I was expecting you to say that a quartet of six-foot tall turtles talking and doing martial arts is about as ridiculous a concept as a handful of spartans pushing elephants off of a cliff. I figure it would ruin the movie just as much? You know, cause it’s ridiculous?

    That aside, I am really looking forward to see this.

  2. Again, I’ll try to make my comment without bashing 300.

    When you go to see a movie about a quarted of six-foot tall turtles talking and doing martial arts, you know that is what you are going to see. When I went to see 300, I did not know how it was going to be. Perhaps that is my bad, but because of that dichotomy, I had problems with 300.

    Look, I made a comment about that movie without insulting it! Sweet!

  3. you said dichotomy

  4. oh and…


    So how bout that movie 300?

  5. Original Sultan says:

    So yeah, hijacked. Just saw 300 recently. Despite knowing ahead of time that there would be dozens of barely clad spartans fighting, it still bothered me that they weren’t wearing armor. No armor, none at all?! That really bothered me the entire movie.

    Now I’ve got nothing against barely clad men fighting (who does after all? :-)) but I would have liked to see SOME armor. You know, they could have worn armor for most of it but then taken it off for some ridiculous reason or another and fought bare-chested for certain scenes. That would’ve been fine.

    Maybe I just like armor too much, but the complete lack of armor on the spartans really bothered me, basically every minute of the movie. And that, unfortunately, detracted from my overall experience (which, to be honest, was still fairly good).

  6. All this talk of 300! That must mean that not enough of you have seen TMNT.

  7. Original Sultan says:

    As far as TMNT goes, I want to know from those who have seen it if Donatello still “does machines”?

  8. Tech support!

  9. from the trailer I would say yes yes he does

  10. The Spartans muscles were toned and chiseled enought to prove Natural Armor +2. No needs for armor.

  11. Jag Dell says:

    I went to see it with my 5 year old son and we had a blast! The tone is darker than the previous movie and reminds me of the original Comic book (without the blood). It’s a lot more about the Teenage and the Ninjas, a lot less about the Mutants and the Turtles.

    And I liked Cowabunga Carl!


  12. I don’t know if i could really justify going to see this one. I mean, it’s ninja turtles! I think the license is dead to me already, and even if it is closer to the original graphic novels, that still isn’t really compelling enough for me to go and see it. I mean going back and reading those books (oddly still on my shelf), they are pretty ‘meh’ quality all in all. I mean the second book is about as tangental as you can get in a comic: chance ninja fight on roof top leads to chance discovery of alien corporation, leads to teleporation to another world, leads to meating a robot with the mind of it’s creator which is being hunted by evil space nazis and triceritops with romulan disruptor rifes and jet packs, leads to being captured and sent to fight in the dinosaur arena, leads to being teleported to cliffhanger at the end of the book…

    I think 300’s man muscles was enough for me this year.

  13. Looks like the kid in someone has been overpowered by the gayness! Uh oh!

  14. To Gavin: I think TMNT as a comic book was in a lot of ways a response to gritty comic stuff both good (Dark Knight Returns) and bad (many aspects of X-Force.) Hence, you have the most ridiculous origin of a group of superheroes ever (Teenage, Mutant, Ninja, Turtles.. definately reads like a parody or 12 year old fanfic) doing gritty shit in crazy circumstances with lots of badassness and blood.

  15. The brain-trust that is Wikipedia states that the TMNT were created thusly: “intended to parody four of the most popular comics of the early 1980s: Marvel Comics’ Daredevil and New Mutants, Dave Sim’s Cerebus and Frank Miller’s Ronin.”

  16. Bartenous: it goes beyond parody, as cerebus _IS_ in the third graphic novel as a main character.

    Scotto: it’s hard to throw the gay card at some one who has called me for guy on guy hook ups πŸ˜‰