300 Week

I figure we might as well call this 300 week, as nearly every post will apparently be about the movie in some way! I wanted to share a couple of the very funny parody images I’d seen around the net, if you find more please share them and I’ll add them in!

I forgot where we are dining?

Red Sauce on Pasta!

Edit by TheGame: The Beat provides us with even more Sparta madness, including this one:


Edit by Bartoneus: Still more hilarity, from AngryZenMaster.  Thanks Jami!



  1. There are more on my website. http://weirdweirdworld.com/tag/search

  2. Oh – you gotta search for 300 😉

  3. Ba tu esti muist penal? – in english – ‘where did you got this funny images?’.

    I liked it very much – don’t stop posting this ‘suge-o-n cur’ – i can laugh all day – stuff.


  4. Great pics, I would love to know where you found them as well, I especially love the ‘tonight we dine at sbarrrroooooo!’

    Keep up the funny stuff


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