Review: Pan's Labrynth

Now this, this was a nice movie. Like Tim Burton only…. not cute in a creepy way. Billed as horror, well it had it’s moments. There was definitely some creep going on. There was some.. brutal, greusome moments. I had to hold milli’s head at parts and tell her when it’s over, while I was groaning and squirming in my seat. But then at times it was downright magical. Magical, I tell you.

This movie flips between the women caught in the Spanish Civil War (it’s in Spanish) and the repulsive tasks this girl has to accomplish to get away from it all and enter the Magical Kingdom. It ain’t disneyland. Dark and beautiful and magical, yet grounded and greuling and harsh like real life, this intense fairy tale doesn’t relent or give you time to regret anything that happens. Absolutely magninicent and gorgeous. Highly reccommended to see in the theatres for all the lovely scenery and shooting.
Link:El Laberinto del Fauno (2006)

Also link: official movie flash web site (with complete soundtrack…nice.)


  1. I would have much rather read this movie than watched it. It was good, but it seemed like every two seconds there was gore, the possibility of gore, something gross, or a bug. I was itchy just watching that “fairy” fly around while it looked like a preying mantis with wings.

    For some reason, I wasn’t completely grossed out by the monster behind the feast. Just a little grossed out. I liked how they had his eyes in his hands, and he had to hold them up to make his face.

  2. Thanks spanks!

    I’m looking forward to checking this one out, but it’s in limited release here in the states. But your review and hearing an interview with Del Toro today really makes me jazzed to see it.

    After this, we get In The Mountains of Madness and Hellboy 2…