Critical Hits Gift Guide #4: Everything Else

First, how about some shameless pimping!

Did you know you can buy a wide variety of products from the Critical Hits Amazon Store? It doesn’t cost you any extra to buy what you were going to anyway, and a little bit gets kicked back to us so we can pay server costs and keep the blog coming. You can also buy through Funagain. Either way, tell them sent you! Consider it your holiday gift to us (or even, belated Birthday Gift…)
Now, onto the last gift guide… everything else!

Geek Bling
$7.95 and up on Etsy
What better way to say “I love you” to that special gamer girl in your life than with a d20 Ring, with the Critical Hit “20” up top? This seller has a number of other good gifts made of dice too, including necklaces and earrings. Also, Etsy has a whole has a number of other craft items for RPG players.

Mario Stamps
$2.99 at

I don’t know what you would use them for, but these Mario stamps are awesome. I especially like the Question Block ones. Maybe for use in some demented Mario LARP?

ToothPaste for Dinner Book
$9.99 At Amazon

Love the comic? Now 200+ pages of it can be yours at home! Lend it to friends! Bludgeon your enemies! Entertain everyone!

Prices vary wildly

Many of us played with Legos as kids, and I’m sure many of us have them lying around somewhere in a box. But did you know you could use them to build Mechs and play a minis wargame with them? Yes! Thanks to Vincent Baker’s Mechaton, available as a FREE PDF, you get the fun of both constructing a battle mech and using it to crush your friends.

Long Boxes
$25 at

I’ve only started getting regular comic subscriptions in the past year, and boy, do they take up space quickly. Long Boxes are a must for any comic fan that receives regular batches of comics. There’s just something about comic collecting that compels us to keep them all in one place, in order…

Cthulhu Plushes
$8 from

You’d think that gamers wouldn’t dig stuffed animals, but who can resist the massive tentacled horror in plushy form? There’s lots of variations, including other elder gods, but none quite so good as the squid-one himself.

Gift Certificates

The problem with many gamers, especially as I’ve found recently, is that they often buy stuff for themselves when they want it with little regard to holiday traditions. Well, grinches we may be, but we will always have a demand for gift certificates. Later on in the year, inevitably, must have products come out. In some cases it’s just a really cool product, but sometimes, certain rules supplements come out that are essential for the RPGs we are in, or an important expansion to a game. Gift Certificates put control into our grubby hands.

That’s all I’ve got. Hopefully you’ve found something on one of the lists that’ll make its way to a gamer this season, or at least you’ve found something that you’ll buy for yourself with the money given to you by Aunt Betty. Anyway, happy holidays!

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So plushy!Edit from Bartoneus: Just wanted to make an addition of big plushy dice!  They have d20’s, d8’s as pictured here, and the ever useful d6.  Seems like a great christmas present for any gamer to me! 

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  1. so the question remains… what do you get the g33k whos been bad all year?!

  2. Q: so the question remains… what do you get the g33k whos been bad all year?!

    A: The World of Synnibar RPG.

  3. A subscription to Everquest 2?

  4. no no, because actually paying money to Sony only feeds the beast, give them a trial subscription.

  5. Something my wife found for me earlier this year is actually Drawer collection boxes for comics. She could never stand how much room even the long boxes took up, much less how they look stacked in a corner.

    You can find them here:

    And you can read a full review of how them here: