Critical Hits Gift Guide #2: T-Shirts

The noble t-shirt. Ever a staple of the gamer wardrobe. If they made jeans with gamery stuff on them, I’m sure we’d buy that too. (Though gamer underwear may also begin to, no pun intended, start to take off…)

So if you’d like to clothe a fellow gamer for the holidays, or you yourself are just looking for some wardrobe upgrades (AC 8 to AC 9) then read on. We cover a few stores that cater to gamer t-shirt tastes, along with some picks of the best ones available from that store.

ThinkGeek has a variety of its own shirts, and is also home to stores for both PVP and Penny Arcade. There’s a lot of computer geek shirts, but also a decent amount for gamers.

Not a shirt I would buy, because I’m obviously a PC. But if your idea of fun is hanging out in a bar, and when approaching saying “Sigh… times are tough” then this is the shirt for you.

You mean business. Tell the world. If anyone tries anything, you will be rolling initiative so fast… and you’ve got Improved Initiative and Sneak Attack. Booyah.

And finally from ThinkGeek, one of my favorite geek jokes of all time. Of course, most people don’t have the capacitor for geek jokes…


A site that sells nothing but geeky/nerdy swag in a variety of options. There’s lots of good ones, from simple old school D&D logos, to logos of popular sites, to more intricate images.

Ah yes, the finest in gamer blasphemy. You’d think he would have Evasion…

There, proof that a t-shirt improves your armor class. I guess all us gamers are fifth level are higher!

Great visual gag. Why won’t my t-shirt reload???

Of course, another Critical Hit! This one definitely looks painful.

A shirt that comes with a built in DM instruction!

Not a t-shirt, but another hilarious piece of gamer apparel. “Yeah, I got your quest RIGHT HERE.”

My favorite daily blog about DMing also has a small store with some t-shirts and other swag.

Whether you’re Ridin’ Dirty or White & Nerdy, you’ll let them know that’s how you roll.

Proclaim just what kind of geek you are.

A site for comics merchandise, the selection is very impressive. Some of the most popular artists have work on the site, including Jim Lee, Alex Ross, and Micheal Turner. Plus, in addition to the standard superhero logo and superhero picture shirts, they also have clever in continuity shirts. However, they apparently don’t have the Marvel license, so you won’t find your “Whose side are you on?” Civil War shirts here.

The same shirt worn by the hero of Mage can now be worn by you. Just watch out if people ask if you are the Pendragon.

I’m a big Sam Keith fan anyway, so this creepy Joker T really appeals to me. In a demented clown kinda way.

Even shirts featuring Matt Wagner’s excellent painted Green Arrow covers.

A page from Sin City that uses a really good panel layout.

OffWorld Designs

These shirts show up at many cons. It’s also the home of Dork Tower and Nodwick official tees.

There’s a present for you guys who just got married to give to your wives. They probably would refuse to wear it.

A gamer parody of a classic shirt.

It’s the literal truth.

You know it to be true. That school stuff just got in the way of the real facts of life.
Toothpaste for Dinner

Most webcomics are going to have an online store with t-shirts made from their comics or characters. As our final pick, I am going to single out Toothpaste for Dinner here because he has several really hilarious ones. Unfortunately I won’t be buying any of these soon as they do not come in plus sizes.

Not what I was expecting when I took the red pill!

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