YourMomGoesToCollegeYour mom jokes are no longer funny!

And yes, I know my mom isn’t funny.

Feel free to comment!

Wikipedia contributes the following wisdom.

As can be seen, a clever use of the “your mom” format of the joke can defy this newsflash. A mechanical “your mom” response will from now on be seen as shitting out of your mouth.


  1. Nothing will ever stop “I ghost-rode your Mom last night…” from being funny.


    Plus I have to give it to wiki-pedia for the excellence:

    “Primates occupy an interesting ecological niche.”

    “I pri-mated with your mom’s ecological niche!”

  2. As Editor-In-Chief, I overrule your statement. But like all forms of art, there are good ones, and there are crappy, mechanical ones. Plus, like all artistic movement, there are also people who are going counter-culture by making deliberately bad your mom jokes (And has lead to the “John’s Mom” sub-genre.)

    In fact, by linking to the Wikipedia article, you’ve just exposed us to even more ones to use!

  3. Your face is no longer funny.

  4. Well, your mom is rated E for … dangit Game

  5. I mechanically sh** in your mom’s mouth last night.