…And we're back! (But Nextwave isn't)

We were attacked by server ninjas but drove them off with server pirates. Or was it the other way around?

Anyway, we’re back, and while we were down, I started to look at new graphical options for the site. In the process I discovered that you can press Ctrl + to increase the font size on the page, and Ctrl – to decrease. So if you’re having trouble with the type sizes, give it a try.

Now here’s some comics stuff: One of my favorite comics is being cancelled. Warren Ellis announced that as of issue 12, Nextwave is going away.

Nextwave is the only Marvel comic I subscribe to, and one of only two comics (the other being The Goon) that consistently makes me laugh out loud while reading it. It follows a group of misfit superheroes who have been hired by HATE (Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort) only to discover that HATE was funded by the Beyond Corporation, which is in turn funded by a terrorist organization. So the superheroes quit and start trying to wreck Beyond’s plans. The series plays off of Marvel’s continuity, but really couldn’t exist inside it (even though the Nextwave characters have shown up in Civil War.) There’s lots of action, humor, and meta-jokes, and suceeds wonderfully in making a comic that doesn’t take itself seriously. When there’s a good stopping point in the series, I’ll be sure to do a full review. You can read the first issue in full for free at Marvel’s site.
Ellis, however, is still keeping busy: he’s going to be the new writer on the post-Civil War Thunderbolts, changing the team to be a Suicide Squad-like unit with big-deal Marvel villians working for the government. While the premise is not new, putting Bullseye, Green Goblin, and Venom on a team together certainly is. Ellis is also writing a direct-to-DVD Castlevania anime-esque feature, which I hope involves a lot of cursing.

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  1. CTRL + scroll wheel FTW

  2. I really love Immonen’s artwork, particularly on Next Wave because it’s outside of other continuities really. When he came on Ultimate X-Men it was good, but had it been anything other then the ultimate line his style wouldn’t have fit very well.

    I’d say he’s one of the most under-credited artists in comics right now, just in that you don’t hear about him at all, and yet Michael Turner is all over the damn place.

  3. BUt you can catch Warren Ellis on the Thunderbolts soon… rigggggght?

  4. Yes, I did mention that he’s doing Thunderbolts in the article. But I can guarantee it’s not going to be as fun as Nextwave. The next issue starts off with a german spy stealing Captain America’s pee, then Meltdown using “ZOMG” in conversation.